Gamified Fitness App with Daily Exercise Goals to Complete with Friends

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Here is a gamified fitness app with daily exercise goals to complete with friends. RocketJourney is a free Android app that helps you to build fitness habits while beating your competitors. The app requires you to connect your fitness app or wearable to track your workout habits. Even you can mark your gym attendance.

To keep your streak alive, you need exercise thrice a week. If you don’t follow the game rules, you will lose the streaks. On this app, you can earn cheat days to maintain your streaks in lazy days. This can be a great way to get motivation for working out.

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win your streaks

Gamified Fitness App with Daily Exercise Goals to Complete with Friends

To build fitness habits, you can use the app named RocketJourney. This is a free Android app which you use for daily lives. The app has the main role to track your workout activity and keep your streak alive.

In order to install the app, you will have to visit the website. It requires you to enter your contact number so that they can send you the app to install. Then, you will get a text message on your phone with the link and then you can start downloading the app.

In order to register easily, you can log in with your Facebook account. On the home page, you will see a yellow icon. You can tap on that in order to connect your app with your Gym, Fitness apps or devices.

This is a great idea to track your workout sessions on the app. You can beat users running in the competition while exercising at your gym.

connect app with wearables to track workout

To track your gym attendance, you can simply add your gym name from the list. If your gym is not available in the list, you can mention the Gym name with your city and email id. After connecting to your gym, the app tracks your visits.

You can also connect Strava app which is another fitness tracker app. The Devices option is also there. You can connect your wearable or fitness bands to track your daily activity.

Once you connect your app or wearable with RocketJourney, you will be able to start the competition and beat other competitors. You can invite your friend too.

The app displays the weekly goal complete and who are in the battle. Every week who loses the battle or streak, they appear in The fallen section.

There are a few rules which you can follow to keep your streak alive. You will have to work out for 3 days in a week to alive your streak (Blue stars). And if you do not exercise, you will be counted as fallen and lose your streak.

In brief

RocketJourney is a useful app for those who neglect their workout sessions. This app motivates you to win the workout battle. You can even mark your gym attendance and simultaneously beat the competitors available on the app. You can invite your friends and run a competition to maintain exercise habits.

Download the app.

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