5 Prenatal Workout Plan Android Apps for Exercises During Pregnancy

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In our last article, we talked about prenatal workout plan websites, which you can check out here. In this article, we will be seeing Android apps which provide you prenatal workout. Now days we use our phones for everything, so why not use it for exercising. There are plenty of apps in the play store which offer prenatal workouts. So let’s go through the play store and see how many of them are free and provide good workout plans.

As each pregnancy is different and varies from individual to individual, so you should keep in mind to stop exercising if you feel uncomfortable or feel any sort of pain. Before exercising, you should always consult with your doctor.

Let’s look at these free prenatal workout plan Android apps for exercises during pregnancy below.

Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy Exercises is a nice app to find prenatal workout plans. When you install and launch this app, you will see a homepage like the one shown in the screenshot above. The initial topics you will see in the app are about benefits of exercising during pregnancy, and knowing when to stop. After these two topics, the exercises part starts. All the exercises which can be safely performed during pregnancy are listed with thumbnail images. You can click on a exercise title to expand it. The exercise will open up with images on how to do the exercises along with text instructions on how to do it. You can create your own exercise routine or workout plan by combining some of the exercises which you can do throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga Exercises

Pregnancy Yoga Exercises focuses only on yoga exercises which you can safely do during your pregnancy. When you start this app you will see a play button in the center of the screen and four buttons below it. This can be seen in the screenshot above. When you click on the play button, it will start playing the yoga workout. Each yoga pose will be shown with a timer which will tell you the duration of the exercise. Once you complete one pose, you will get rest time for about 10 seconds and then you move on to the next exercise. If you want to see what all exercises are included in the workout, then click on the exercises button you saw on the app home page. This page will list all the exercises which are included in this workout. Each exercise has an image with it to show you how the exercise needs to be done. Each exercise also has a timer option to let you know when to stop. Instead of following the entire workout, you can also pick and do the exercises which you feel comfortable doing.

Pregnancy Exercises and Workouts at Home

Pregnancy Exercises and Workouts at Home is a good app to find prenatal workout plans. The app offers you three different program based on the trimester you are in. The 3 programs are obviously for trimester 1, 2, and 3. Start with the stage that you are in. You can choose your workout duration, difficulty level, number of exercises you want to cover, etc. The screenshot you see above shows you exercises for the first trimester and day one when you start with this app. At the bottom of the page is a option to create a workout for yourself, option to start a workout, and choose a workout.

In create a workout, you will be shown all the exercises listed in a page along with thumbnail images. If you want to include an exercise in your workout, then simply click the check mark icon in front of that exercise. When you are done selecting, then click on the start workout button and it will show you the duration of the exercises you have chosen. Click on the start button to start the workout. When you are exercising, the timer will start running and you will be told how to do a certain exercise. You can also see the number of calories you burned.

Pregnancy Workouts

Pregnancy Workouts is a nice app to find some good exercises to perform during pregnancy. Install and open this app and you will see a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above. The home screen lists all the exercises available in this prenatal workout. The top three listings are basically safety guidelines, and benefits of exercising during pregnancy. After that, the exercise list starts, along with a small thumbnail image of the exercise itself. You can click on an exercise name to see detailed instructions on how it is being done, along with some images of the exercise. You can combine some exercises and make a workout plan for yourself.

Pregnancy Workout

Pregnancy Workout is also similar to the above app. Install and open this app. This app will also have all the exercises listed on the home page with their names. This can be seen in the screenshot above. If you want the details of a exercise, then click on its name. The exercise will open in full page with a detailed description on the technique of performing the exercise along with images. Towards the bottom of the page, you will also get key points to remember while doing this exercise. Additionally, you can read about alternative ways to perform this exercise to make it more comfortable for you. You can create a workout plan for yourself by combining some exercises.


These are the 5 good prenatal workout plan Android apps for exercise during pregnancy. I found a lot of other apps as well, but most of them were either paid, or with lots of ads. Some of them did not even have good user ratings, probably because of too many pop up ads. If you are looking for prenatal exercises which can be done from the comfort of your home, then do try these apps out. Do keep in mind to not over exert yourself and stop when you feel uncomfortable.

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