Best Free Fighting Trainer Apps for Android 2019

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In this blog post, you will read about the best free fighting trainer apps for Android 2019. As we all are aware that self-defense is important. We should always be prepared with some tricks and techniques for fighting. It helps you to take care of your health and well being. You never know when you are going to need it.

Here, I’m going to cover 5 fighting trainer apps for Android users. The apps provide training lessons under different levels. You can learn from basics to advanced level. Also, you can watch every step closely at a different speed to learn better.

The apps cover different types of fighting styles. You can learn uppercut combo, hook combo, liver combo, elbow combo, switch kick, side kick and a lot more. If you want to learn Kung fu in different style, you can learn Kung Fu and mixed martial arts using Android apps.

Let’s try these apps and train yourself.

1. KickBoxing- Fitness and Self Defense

learn to fight with this app

KickBoxing- Fitness and Self Defense is one of the great fighting trainer apps. As its name suggests, the app helps you to train in the fighting.

The app covers the training program from beginning to advanced level. You can learn several techniques such as uppercut, jump rope, front kick, punches straight, etc.

If you tap on the particular program, i.e., Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced program. It covers training lessons with an animated fighting model. Also, there is a small description of the technique. You can practice exercises one by one. And when you’re done with day one, you can start with the next day. It is a great way to get trained at home. You can follow its lessons by watching the model and how does he fight.

2. MMA Trainer

learn to fight with this app

MMA Trainer is one of the good fighting trainer apps. The app lets you learn mixed martial arts. It provides a fighting model which helps to watch every technique very closely.

The app has a training section which includes lessons like footwork, punches, kicks, blocks, etc. Each section has several exercise lessons, for example, if you pick a category titled Footwork. It covers different steps such as step fwd 1, step fwd 135, etc.

Also, you can change the angle of the model which means you can know about the body posture from back to front. As you tap on a lesson, e.g., Step FWD 1, the model instructs you how to use that technique. It is amazing to use. You can try and learn unique techniques.

3. 30 Day Fighter Challenge

learn to fight with this app

30 Day Fighter Challenge is another good fighting trainer app. The most interesting fact about this app is that it challenges you for several exercises for a certain period of time.

It offers a 30-day challenge where each day you get to learn something new and exciting. The app has categorized exercises by days. If you start with Day 1, it lets you learn kicks, punches, and pushups for a few seconds. You will get rest for 10 seconds between exercise. You can follow this session every day and learn to fight with the trainer apps.

4. Fighting Trainer

learn to fight with this app

Fighting Trainer is very similar to the above-mentioned Android app. The app has different categories such as Block, Basic, Word Class, Combinations, Takedowns, and Counter.

There is a good range of learning different fighting style. You can learn hook combo, uppercut combo, liver combo, elbow combo, switch kick, side kick and a lot more.

Also, you can watch the model while it performs techniques. You can change the timer as well as the speed of performing techniques.

5. How to Win a Street Fight

learn to fight with this app

Another app called How to Win a Street Fight can be a great way to learn to fight. This is one of the simple fighting trainer apps. You can learn self-defense. The app offers guidance to learn different strategies for that.

When you open the app, it shows different fighting lessons such as Defending yourself, using strategy, tips, and warning, avoiding the fight, etc.

The app has a particular section for a video. Watching that video, you can learn that if you become a victim of street fighting then how should you tackle that fight.

In brief

Though violence should be avoided by everyone. But at the same time, you should know how to defend yourself. Using these free Android apps, you can learn unique techniques so that you can perform them when it is needed. The apps teach several fighting lessons which you can understand from basic to advance level.

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