5 Free Kung Fu Training Apps for Android

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In this blog post, you will get to know about 5 free Kung Fu training apps for Android. Kung Fu refers to the martial art of China. Though the fighting style has been developing over the years. There are several forms of Kung Fu such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai chi, Wing Chun, etc. You can learn all these techniques from basic to advanced level using Android apps.

Here, I’m writing about Kung Fu training apps so that you can learn techniques with ease. The apps are also helpful to show you each move, body posture, the fighting style, kick, punch, making a fist, etc. For learning Kung Fu, you need a lot of concentration mentally or physically. The apps also teach you how to focus, warmup and perform techniques. You can read about Kung Fu background as well.

You might get some ad pop-ups while using the apps. But that won’t be annoying and you can continue with your Kung Fu techniques.

Let’s learn Kung Fu training using these Android apps mentioned below.

1. Fighting Trainer

Kung Fu training apps for Android

Fighting Trainer is a free Kung Fu training app for Android users. The app helps you to understand how to perform Kung Fu techniques. The interesting fact about this app is that you get models whom you can watch fighting according to the topic you choose.

The app has categories of learning Kung Fu. It includes Basic, Combinations, Blocks, World Class, Takedowns, and Counters. Each category has sub-categories where you can learn techniques with proper knowledge.

Here, you can learn low kick, Tornado Kick, Superman Punch, Bodyshot Block, Foot sweep and other types of techniques. In just one tap, the model starts performing the technique which you can watch repeatedly at a different speed. This is a great way to learn Kung Fu training.

2. Kungfu

Kung Fu training apps for Android

Kungfu is one of the good Kung Fu training apps for Android. The app lets you know about the basics as well as advanced training.

Besides learning Kung Fu techniques, you can read the history of Shaolin Kung Fu. It is always a good start to be aware of the background of specific training or something.

Here, you can learn internal and external Kung Fu, warming up, Basics of Kung Fu, and tutorial by trained masters. In the category called Warming up, you can learn how to warm up your body before performing these techniques.

Apart from this, you can learn inside stretch kick, front kick, outside stretch kick, side kick, etc. Also, there is a description of every technique provided by the app. So here, you can read about techniques, background along with images.

3. Kung Fu Techniques

Kung Fu training apps for Android

Another app called Learn Kung Fu Techniques can be helpful to learn Kung Fu techniques. The app offers a good range of categories.

There are basic techniques, animal fist, foot, fist style body circle, butterfly, Buddha fist, claw style, front snap kick, jump techniques, etc. You can tap on a category to view images in different angles. It shows images by comparing with the subjects. Doing so, you can easily understand what body posture you should take and the way to perform techniques.

4. Learn Kungfu Techniques

Kung Fu training apps for Android

The app named Learn Kungfu Techniques is also an option to learn Kung Fu training. This is one of the simple Kung Fu training apps for Android.

The app is mainly focused on the postures so that you can understand how to perform techniques. You can find the latest techniques and other categories that contain several body postures.

Each category has around 20 different images where you can know about techniques step by step. It is so easy to quickly open the app and learn Kungfu techniques.

5. Learn Kung Fu

Kung Fu training apps for Android

Learn Kung Fu is one of the nicest Kung Fu training apps. Here, you can learn Kung Fu techniques by watching videos. It gathers a collection of all the necessary techniques which a beginner should learn.

The app shows you trending videoes where it covers different topics such as learn Shaolin Kung Fu, weapon training, Kung Fu master class, Kung Fu for beginners, etc.

This can be a great idea as you don’t have to look for the video manually. You can just open the app, find out the relevant subject, and watch videoes within the app.

In brief

I found the very first app (fighting trainer) best from the list. It offers several martial art techniques including punches, kicks, etc. You can watch a model performing those techniques at a different speed. The other apps in the list work differently. Some of them provide you description whereas other offer you illustrations. You can try these apps to know which you find better and learn Kung Fu training at home.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 12 Average: 3.4]

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