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Daily Feed Beta is a RSS Feed Reader for InoReader and The Old Reader on Android. It syncs to your InoReader and The Old Reader accounts. The layout is simple and clean. The makers of this app created it keeping in mind that sometimes lesser is better. All the core functionalities of an RSS reader are present. This makes Daily Feed Beta really fast at RSS Feed reading while keeping it versatile to a great extent. It’s a to-the-point Feed Reader.

Let’s talk about the app’s look and feel. As you can see, the app is as simple as it can get. After the app is installed, it will ask you to sign in to your InoReader or The Old Reader account.


As soon as you sign in, Daily Feed Beta will fetch all your RSS Feeds. On the first screen, you will see all your subscriptions arranged in the same order and folder as the website InoReader/The Old Reader). Here you will see the option to see feeds from all the subscriptions or just from some of the subscriptions.

daily feed beta subscriptions

You can do some quick actions here. Tap on the options at the top of the screen to Mark all read or add subscriptions. You need the exact URL to add a subscription. You cannot search for subscriptions using keywords.

Note: If you are unable to see the options button, use the physical button for options on your device.

You can also uncheck the ‘Show read subscriptions’ to hide the subscriptions you have finished reading. Similarly, by tapping on the options beside a subscription, all the feeds from that particular subscription can be marked as read, subscription can be renamed, moved into a folder or unsubscribed from. All the changes you make will be reflected online.

Just tap on a subscription or on ‘All articles’. You will see a list of articles (feeds) sorted in (newest first) order.

daily feed beta feeds

Similar to the Subscriptions screen, Feeds screen has a few quick set of options that add to your RSS feed reading experience. Tap on the options at the top to mark all read, hide read articles, or change the sorting scheme (oldest first).

Now that you can see many interesting articles, just tap on any one. The screen that opens up contains the feed’s details. If the feed contains images, you will see those too. To mark them read or unread, just tap on the eye besides the options button. By tapping on the Options here, you can share the article. The share option can even be used to add the article to Pocket or Evernote.

daily feed beta article

If you ever need to change the account details Daily Feed Beta (RSS Feed Reader for InoReader and The Old Reader on Android), just tap on the options at the top right in any screen of the app and select settings. The settings give you an option to logout. Just tap on logout and all your feed data will be removed.


Daily Feed Beta, an RSS Feed Reader for InoReader and The Old Reader on Android, is  very good at doing basic tasks (related to RSS Feed Readers on Android). The only things I craved for is support for Feedly accounts and the ability to favorite/like an article. An option to sign into multiple accounts would be a great addition for someone like me, since I use different accounts to keep track of different thing (but that’s just me)

I personally use Feedly more and have recently fallen in love with FeedMe because of its offline capabilities. But if you are on InoReader or The Old Reader, Daily Feed Beta is definitely worth a try. It’s a nice and refreshing change from a bulky and laggy RSS readers.

Get Daily Feed Beta here or use the QR code below

daily feed beta qr

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