Android App to Stay Focused and Beat Phone Addiction: Forest

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Forest is a free Android app which helps you stay focused and beat phone addiction by keeping your phone aside. This app asks you to plant a tree when you are setting a timer. During the timer duration you cannot browse any app on your phone. If you have to use your phone during the timer, then you will have to kill the tree you planted. The thought of killing a tree will refrain you from stopping the timer. This way you can stay focused and concentrate on your work.

Each time you complete your goal you will get a full grown tree which you can use to create your very own forest. You will also get points each time you complete a timer. These points can be used to buy more trees for your forest.

Download the Forest app on your phone from the link given at the end of this article. Once installed, start the app and you will be given a overview of the app. Then you will reach the page of the app where you will see a screen like the one shown above. Here you can move the green slider to set a time.

The green slider is available around the tree that you are planting in a circle. As you move the slide, the time on the timer will also change. You can increase or decrease the time on the timer. The minimum time you can set on the timer is 10 minutes. Set the time and click on the plant button. This will start the timer and once the timer starts you cannot close it with out killing the tree that you just planted.

This way you can stay focused on the task at hand as you will not be able to access any other app while the forest timer is running. Every time you complete your target for staying focused, you will earn points. Using these points you can unlock other trees or ambient sounds for your forest.

While the timer is running, you will see a give up button at the bottom. If you click this give up button, the app will confirm from you whether you really want to give up, because that would mean killing the tree you planted.

From the left side top corner you can access settings, timeline, forest, friend, store, news, etc. The timeline option lets you view your activities on the app. Whereas, the forest option at the top shows you an overview of your forest. Like how much time you have stayed focused and how many trees you have planted so far can be seen in the overview section in a graphical representation, which can be seen in the screenshot below.

The store option let’s you unlock more trees, bushes, or sounds. You can unlock these by using the points that you earn staying focused. The store screenshot can be seen below.

Just set a time and the timer will start running. While the timer is running you cannot visit any other app on your phone.

When a timer is completed you get points. You also get a chance to double your points by watching a video.

On the points page, you will have options to share this app with your friends, you can also set in a break time using the clock option. The center option with a pencil on it, lets you categorize the focused time that you just completed. You can categorize your time into work, study, rest, social, etc.

The settings option let’s you login to the app by creating a account. There are other settings which can be changed as well like sound effects, ringtone mode, etc.

Key Features of this Android app to stay focused:

  • App helps you stay focused.
  • Also helps you reduce phone addiction.
  • Earn points and unlock new trees, and sounds.
  • Create a forest and learn to stay focused.
  • Watch your timeline for progress you make.


Forest is a very good initiative to help people stay focused on the task at hand and put down their phones for a while. We spend a major part of our day on our phones. Sometimes we even forget that we have work to do. So this app will help you stay focused and away from your phone for a while. You can start with a small duration say 10 minutes and then gradually increase your productivity time and reduce your phone time. The cutest thing about the app is that every time you start a timer a tree is planted. And if you try to stop the timer, you will have to kill the tree you planted. That very thought of killing a tree will stop you from pressing cancel button. So do try this app out to stay focused.

Download the Forest app for Android here.

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