Software To Track Productivity Time Spent On Your PC: Track Your Time

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Now you can track productivity time spent on your PC with Track Your Time. This time tracker has a simple interface and works perfectly across Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and is based on Qt framework. This software is still in its nascent stage and the latest version is only 0.9.2 beta version.

Track Your Time allows you to create multiple profiles and track work flow and usage of your time while working on desktop. You can see your usage data on the Statistics panel and then schedule your tracking hours from the Settings page. This software is available as a freeware on the web without warranty, and you can download using the link given at the end of this article. Let’s have a quick look at how it works.

Note: Once the software is installed, you will not see any desktop shortcut. It starts running as you install it. Instead of a desktop shortcut, you can access the software from the System Tray, from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Options Available in this Software To Track Productivity Time


In the Application tab, you can access different profile tabs with the help of a Dropdown menu. You can also edit your profile with the ‘EDIT’ option. Under each Profile, the User is given the option to create various categories. You can create categories simply by right clicking on an existing profile. When you click on the active profile, all the various applications are shown, where you have spent your time.


Under the Statistics tab, you can see how much total time you have given to each application. The time spent on each application can be seen both in terms of percentage. You can also export the data in CSV format if you wish to share it with someone else or save for future.


The Settings tab allows a user to choose his preferred language and set the time limit for the duration of inactivity before going on sleep mode. You can also choose the time limit after which the program auto saves the usage data. The Settings tab also gives users the liberty of controlling the notifications and mouse action during operation.


In this window, you can schedule the time period from when you wish this time tracker software to track and monitor computer usage. The schedule tab also has provision for adding a new record or for deleting an old record.

Apart from these three main tabs, there is a ‘Profile’ option, where one can see the selected profile. The ‘About’ section gives a basic rudimentary idea about the software, its founders, and has a feedback option.


The Track Your Time software is far from being satisfactory for any normal user. There are lots of other software that can provide you with a much better interface and ease of usage. During our testing phase, we could not select different profiles nor access the help page or download the user manual.

The developers definitely need to improve the user interface and make things more compact and simpler in this software if they are interested in marketing it on a big level.

Get Track Your Time here.

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