Record And Compare Time Durations With Free Stopwatch Software: Time-O

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Time-O is a free stopwatch software that records the time elapsed from the start of an event, till it’s end. It is a small and handy software which is designed basically to let you record different time laps of a certain event and compare them with each other.

A Stopwatch is a hand-held watch which is used to record count down timers for different events, particularly sports based events. A Stopwatch software is an application software that brings the same count down timer functionality to your desktop. There are dozens of free stopwatch software which we have reviewed earlier, and Time-o is another add-on to the list. Time-O not only record time laps, but also let’s you compare individual time laps related to a certain activity.

time-o stopwatch software interface

A Brief Overview:

Time-O is very simple in looks and appearance. It neither has that traditional stopwatch look, nor it is bundled with tons of features. It’s a simple, lightweight, and easy to use application that you can install in your Windows PC, to monitor different time durations for a particular event, and compare them with each other. It can measure different countdowns, generate a list containing all of them, and let’s you compare all time laps  for a particular event from one single interface.

Using Time-O:

Time-O is a simple stopwatch software to work with. Just start the timer when a particular event or activity begins. Let the timer countdown run while the activity is in progress and stop it as soon as the event finishes. You can add this time lap to the list of time laps and record several more time laps like this. Always reset the timer before recording another time lap, by clicking on the “Clear Time” option. You can also rename fields in the list to record your personal data.

Why should I use this free Stopwatch Software?

This could be your question if you’ve been using similar free stopwatch software. No doubt, it’s not a feature-packed stopwatch that can give you more than what you expect. This is very simple, very basic, with minimal functionalities and lowest complexity.

When I first came across this software, I was sitting idle and thinking, what specialty does this stopwatch has? Suddenly a friend of mine came around and said he bet if I could beat him in finishing a slice of pizza faster. Another friend joined and it became a battle between three of us. We decided to do it turn by turn and record the time laps each one will take. The one with the least time lap, would obviously win.

We took help of Time-O to measure the countdowns. We played the stopwatch again and again and recorded the time duration that each one of us took in finishing the pizza slice. The very next moment, we were able to make out who was the winner, since the list was in front of us, enlisting our names with the respective time laps.

time-o game

It was quite interesting and the results were there: Simple and Straight!

The Final Verdict:

Time-O is a nice stopwatch software that you can use to record and compare different time durations taken by several players for performing same task. Not only that, you can even sort the names and time interval in both ascending and descending orders. You can also use it as a simple timer clock to set countdown for a certain task.

Download Time-O free.

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