2D Drawing Software That Lets You Draw Designs Quickly: Creo Sketch

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PTC Creo Sketch is an absolutely free 2D drawing software designed to allow users to create and save 2D designs with some interesting features. The software requires you to go through a registration process before downloading it. The interface of the software is very attractive and all the features are shown nicely on top. You can create a quick design using those features and save it on your system. The software supports popular file formats like JPG, PNG.

This 2D drawing software can be considered as an alternative for MS Paint as both of them are used for the same purpose of drawing. This software contains some features that are a little better in their functioning and make for a good design. It can be compared with some of the other similar software like BabaCAD, LibreCAD.

Creo Sketch-2d drawing software-interface

How To Use This 2D Drawing Software?

Creo Sketch is a very simple to use 2D drawing software and does not contain any complications. You can start creating your design by selecting the size of the canvas. The software automatically pops up a window as you open it. After that it is very much similar to use like some other drawing software available out there. Its the features that vary from software to software. After you have created a design, you can simply go on and save it on your system.

Creo Sketch-2d drawing software-save file

Features Of Creo Sketch

As we have mentioned above, the basic framework of the software is pretty much quotidian and its the features of the software that vary. This software contains some really interesting features, apart from some of the common features that are usually present. Let us have a detailed description of these features.

The software provides users with different kinds of brushes to choose from. It includes, pencils, airbrush, markers and erasers. What I liked most is that there are options to choose from within them also. You can select different kind of pencil like HB pencil, Ball Pencil, for specific purpose. Similarly, options are given for airbrush, markers and erasers also to choose from. Especially the Chise Marker given in the software produces really good results.

Moving further, the software allows you add curves to your designs. Curves like arc, circle, rectangle are provided that can be inserted in your designs. The good thing about using this feature is that you can manually set the size for any pattern or curve you want to use.

Creo Sketch-2d drawing software-add curve

There are other option also available in this software. This 2D design software contains an option to add effects to your design. You can blur a particular space on the design or sharpen it. You can also lighten or darken any particular region. Apart from this, an option to copy and paste is also given. You can copy a selected region from one file and paste it in another file.

All these options and few others give users a very nice experience.

Final Verdict

Creo Sketch is a good software with some nice features. The colors and textures available are quite pretty. Users can surely give this software a try.

Get Creo Sketch here!

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