Play this Windows 8 Maze Game: Cat Maze Race

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Cat Maze Race is a Windows 8 Maze Game. In this amazing maze race game, your main aim is to take the cat to the mouse and eat it. There are three main modes available to play this game. In all the three modes there are 25 levels. Each mode has a different game play.

For each mode, as you succeed from one level to another, the level of difficulty keeps on increasing, making the overall game more interesting.

Cat Maze Game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows store.

Cat Maze Race

Playing this windows 8 Maze Game

As you go to the game, then firstly the three modes that are available for you to play, will be shown to you.

Cat Maze Race- Modes

Let me give you a little idea about the three modes that are available here:

Practice Mode

The first mode that is shown here, is merely for practice. Her, you don’t have to compete, but just have the option to practice. You can practice again and again through all the 25 levels available in here. Just try to apply your strategy to take the cat to the mouse in the least number of moves, taking the least amount of time.

Cat Maze Race- Practice Mode

Cat Vs Cat mode

The second mode that is shown right below the practice mode, is the cat vs cat mode. Here, you have to compete against the other cat that is also here to eat the mouse. The other cat would be starting from the other side of the maze. See that you get to the mouse before the other cat, otherwise, the other cat will eat the mouse.

Cat Maze Race- Cat vs Cat

The Door and Key mode

The Door and key mode is the last one. Here, again, you have to compete against the other cat that is coming from the other side. But the problem is not only this. There is a door present in your way. The key of the door is also present on the way. Firstly, you have to get the key, and then have to reach the door to unlock it and eat the mouse. This mode is an advanced one and offers more difficulty as well.

Cat Maze Race- Door and key


In any mode of the game, you would be able to play through 25 levels. These levels will surely engage you into the game, by providing a gradually increasing difficulty level. For, any level you are playing, you have to complete it in order to get the next one. But, once you have cleared all the 25 levels in any mode, you can choose to play any of them.


The controls of the game are quite easy. Use arrow keys in case of keyboard. You can also use your mouse here. Just hover your mouse all through the path, and the cat shall follow it. In touch enabled devices, the movement can be controlled by finger swipes.

The levels can be changed from the bottom right corner of the game’s interface.

That’s all I have to offer. Happy playing!

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My Verdict

Cat Maze Game is a nice Windows 8 Maze Game with nice game play and good number of levels to play. The game has good sound effects. Do try it for sure.

Get Cat Maze Race here

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