Windows 8 Maze Game: Tilt Maze

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Tilt Maze is a Windows 8 Maze Game. In this Game, you are given a ball and you have to control its movements in such a way that it collects all the coins that are shown on the Game board. While you are collecting the coins that are present here, you have to see that you escape the holes that are present along with the coins, on the game board. There are 30 levels in this Game.

The game also has an option to pin any particular game to the start screen from where you can access it with just one click. The game also will give you the option to share your score with others over the Internet, using the Windows 8 Share Charm. In addition to all that, you can also pause the game anytime.

Tilt Maze

Tilt Maze can be freely availed from the Games category of the Windows Store.

Playing this Windows 8 Maze Game

As you get to the main screen of Tilt Maze, you would be shown the option to start. Along with all the stages, the option to start any paused game will also appear.

Tilt Maze- Start Screen

Progressing through the Game

In the Game, a game board has the maze present on it. A ball is given to you. Using the ball, you have to collect all the coins, and have to reach a goal. On the game board, along with the coins, some holes would also be present. You have to see that you collect all the coins without falling into the holes. Easy!!!! Here comes the fun element. You have to tilt the board in order to move the ball.


The controls of the game are quite easy. You can tilt the board by using the arrows available on the top, bottom, left, and right of the game board. You can also use the arrow buttons given on your keyboard to tilt. For accelerometer enabled devices, you can tilt the device to any side to tilt.

Game play

As you are playing this game, a timer would also be running, that will be shown above the game board. You have to grab all the coins that are present in the game board before the time runs out on you. Your score will be shown above the game board. It is only after gabbing all the coins of a level that you would be able to enable the goal that has to be reached.

Tilt Maze- Game

Share your score

In addition to all of this, there is also an option to share the score you have made. For that, after you have completed any level, use the Windows 8 Share Charm.

Tilt Maze- Share

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Key Features of Tilt Maze

  • This Windows 8 Maze Game is freely available in the Windows store.
  • You have 30 levels to play.
  • You can share with others over the Internet.
  • Compete against time.

My Verdict

According to my experience playing the Game, Tilt Maze is a nice Windows 8 Maze Game. Its controls are quite easy. I would recommend trying it out.

Get Tilt Maze here

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Works With: Windows 8
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