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DIYLC is free Java based software to design circuit on the circuit board. Using DIYLC you can design the circuit for different types of boards which include Bread Board, Vero Board, Perf Board, and many more.

Well it is not always possible to design the circuit on the PCB. Designing the circuit for the PCB and then making a circuit board with the design can be a lengthy process, and it is of no use when want to you design a simple circuit.

I have tested the DIYLC software in Windows 7 and it worked great for me. I have designed the circuit for limiting half cycle AC waves using a diode and LED. I have posted an image below, and you can see that the circuit looks great on the perfboard. 

Working With DIYLC:

It is very easy to design circuit in DIYLC software. You need to just select the board type and then simply place the components on the board from the component bar on the top. Upon starting the DIYLC you will be prompted to select the type of template. After that you see the user interface.


The user interface is clean and the component’s categories are well placed on the toolbar. The component’s categories include the following sections:

  • Boards Connectivity
  • Electromechanical
  • Guitar
  • Misc
  • Passive
  • Schematics
  • Semiconductors
  • Shapes
  • Tubes

You can use any of the components to design circuit for the board. The final circuit can be of great help for placing the components accurately on the real board. Also, the rulers and grid lines make it really easy to place the components on the board with no difficulty.

Features of DIYLC:

  • Very simple interface.
  • Interesting and colorful symbols of the components.
  • Rulers and Grid lines for accuracy.
  • Add text on the board.
  • Export file as PDF and PNG formats.
  • Easy Navigation and smooth zoom using mouse wheel.
  • Easy drag and drop components on the board.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Option to lock the layers that include Chassis, Board, Trace, Component, and Text.
  • No installation required, just double click DIYLC and use it.
  • Create BOM (Bill of Materials).

You can also try Logisim. It is a free education tool for learning the working of digital circuits.

Final Verdict:

DIYLC is great software when you want to design the simple circuit for circuit board, without using PCB designing software. You need not require the knowledge of actually designing the circuit using a PCB software. DIYLC offers basic but really good components that can be utilized to design a good circuit. Also, the neat interface and easy navigation makes it a must have software for designing the circuit on circuit board. So, go ahead and try out different circuits.

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