Free Alternative To Windows Notification System: Snarl

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Snarl is a free global notification system for Windows that displays balloon-style notifications for different events happening in your system. It’s a nice free app that provides users custom control over the desktop notifications and let them replace the Windows style basic notifications with more stylish and sophisticated ones.

Snarl displays awesome-looking notifications on desktop for various events associated with the applications that are being registered with the app, and whenever you are not near your computer, you can redirect the notifications and always have them on your smartphone, no matter wherever you go.

Snarl can easily be downloaded using the link given at the end of this article and installed following simple instructions guided by the installation wizard. Once Snarl is installed, the existing applications in your system gets registered with it automatically and immediately start generating desktop notifications. These are very pretty desktop notifications that reminds of all the stuff happening around you, including Facebook updates, appointment reminders, and system information.

snarl interface

Get Desktop Notifications with Snarl:

Snarl works on a simple concept: “when stuff happens, notify me”. The whole process follows a basic strategy of registering applications with Snarl and then registering one or more events which the application later uses to generate custom notifications. That is, whenever an event gets triggered, it displays a desktop notification for it.

sanrl notifications

A very interesting thing about Snarl is that it allow users to customize the look and feel of the notifications and enable them to decide which notifications have to be shown for particular applications. Thus you can easily control how and where the notifications have to be displayed and on which particular events (like volume mute or unmute) they should appear.

snarl app configuration

The app comes pre-loaded with some third-party applications like AudioMon, Clock, SyInfo, WifiMonitor, and lets you add more of them from a bunch of third-party apps that it supports. However adding new applications is not that easy and there is no help or documentation provided on that.

Apart from that, Snarl provides a whole lot of configuration options to customize applications and individual notifications associated with them.

Key Features of this Free Notification System:

  • Free global notification system for Windows.
  • Displays pretty balloon-style desktop notifications for various events happening in your system.
  • Automatically register supported applications for generating notifications.
  • Provide full control for customizing the look and feel of individual notifications.snarl event configuration
  • Options to redirect notifications to mobile devices.
  • Supports sound alerts as well.
  • Supports third-party add-ons and APIs.
  • A good replacement for Windows basic notification system.


Snarl is a nice free alternative to Windows notification system, which displays attractive notifications on your system. It’s a useful app that has the ability of providing control to the users for choosing what kind of notifications they want to get for a particular app and how they want it to appear on screen. However, when it comes to adding third-party apps to Snarls, the process takes more time and involves complexity which is something I found quite inconvenient. Also there is no help or documentation that can explain how we can add new apps to Snarl.

All in all, Snarl is a clean and pretty app and can be a sophisticated replacement for Windows Notification system. Download free and give it a try.

Get Snarl here!

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