Talking Notification Girl App to Read Out Notifications on Android

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Talking notification girl is exactly what it sounds like, an animated talking lady that announces your notifications. I know it sounds kind of like a specific apple made personal assistant but it doesn’t even get close. I mean it doesn’t promise to be like Siri so ill not bash on the poor girl. This app generates an animated personal assistant (she in fact looks like One, an assistant that is) that announces your notifications, in a robotic girly voice that would remind you of ol’ Microsoft talk it! It would tell you that “you’ve got a new message” when you get a new message, it would also tell you “your battery is low” when its low and do the same for mail and every other notification you can think of.

While she’s not a complete personal assistant, she can’t read your mail for you or type it for you or recommend a restaurant for dinner or have a casual conversation, she’s (I feel weird calling an application ‘she’) exactly what she sets out to be and that is a “alerter” (I don’t think that’s even a word). As your resident “alerter” she alerts you about everything, new mail, new messages, battery percentage, missed calls and all your other notifications like “your app download is complete” or maybe some notification you don’t want to hear like Ad notifications Steaming mad “wanna become a movie star…bla, bla, bla”. Thankfully you can close the notifications you don’t want to hear.

For downloading different notification sounds you can try out Zedge app reviewed by us.

The app is very easy to use and editing details like the notifications you don’t want to hear, volume of the alerts and the voice of the avatar (don’t mess with it unless you want your dainty personal assistant to sound like a hunky man or the terminator). You only have one avatar for your assistant and that’s pretty lame. One awesome thing though is that you can add a “prefix” before her usual statement . I made her say “Dear sir you have a….bla, bla, bla”. It’s also really easy to disable the app, just press the button and viola your personal assistant is locked away in the confines of her cubicle like app.

What I like About the App

  • A live avatar is used unlike most Personal Assistant apps.
  • Can Alert you about everything in your notification center.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Prefix before notification.
  • oh I totally forgot, ITS FREE!

What I don’t like about the App

  • The voice *EWW*
  • The other voices *double EWW*
  • She’s no Siri
  • Only one avatar
  • Ads *EWW once more*

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Well if you want an “alerter” then this Talking Notification girl app is perfect for you, but if you want some Siri magic then you shouldn’t hire this young lady. For that I recommend you try Speaktoit assistant, she isn’t exactly Siri like either but as far as I know she’s the best you’d get on android.

You can download this Talking Notification Girl app by scanning the QR code given below.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Android 2.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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