6 Free Brain Training Software

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Here is a list of 6 free brain training software which you can use to train mind and increase IQ levels. You can play different challenges to improve calculation speed, mind reaction time, memory, etc. Most of the challenges by these brain test software are time-based and of different difficulties. This makes them sounds more like brain test games instead, as you can practice the puzzles and challenges offered by them. You can even make your kids play these games so as to improve their Mathematics and thinking ability.

You can also check out brain training websites, in case you want to do this online.

Brain Workshop:

brain workshop- gameplay

Brain Workshop is a free brain training software that implements the Dual n-back test. This test has been scientifically proven to improve memory. You can read the linked Wikipedia article for more details on how this test works and how it can help to enhance brain memory. After you begin the dual n-back test, you will be shown highlighted cells in a matrix and audio sounds in a sequence. You have to take an appropriate action when you hear two same sounds and if two cells are highlighted at the same position. If the same audio sounds are played then you have to hit the “L” key and for same cells, you have to press the “A” key. This exercise will put some real test on your brain memory and will thus train you to remember things quickly. Based on your answers, a score is displayed when the test is over.

Rapid IQ Builder:

rapid iq builder

Rapid IQ Builder is another free brain training software on my list with many different types of brain test games and challenges. These brain training programs will help you to improve focus, IQ levels, and working memory capacity. You have to play these brain test games of this brain train software on a regular basis to see any difference. Some of the tests follow the n-back test like Visual Sequential Processing. In this test, you have to remember the visual positions on a black matrix. Other than that, it includes more than 15 different brain test games to train brain.

All the exercises are listed on its main interface, as shown in the screenshot above. Click on any exercise to start the brain challenge. You can then play the game as per the on-screen instructions. These mind challenges are also time-based and you have to finish them within the counter time period.

visual positions rapid iq builder

Some brain challenges that you can play in the Rapid IQ Builder are:

  • Visual Sequential Processing: Help you to improve brain working memory capacity. Remember the numbers in a sequence as they appear on the screen.
  • Random Sequential Processing: Remember the numbers and spoken numbers in the sequence as they are flashed on the screen.
  • Multi-Tasking: Similar to the n-back test as you have to remember the sequential positions of red squares and spoken numbers.
  • Reverse Visual Positions: Another brain exercise to improve memory. Remember the position of the red squares in reverse sequence as they are flashed on the screen, etc.

Genius Hero:

Genius Hero is a free brain training software for Windows. Basically, in this software you can play maths puzzle to train your brain to calculate faster. In each level, you have to solve a total number of 10 algebraic calculations, which include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division within a specific amount of time. These brain training Maths puzzles are divided into 4 different categories i.e. Noob, Average, Smart, and Nerd. You have to first clear all the puzzles of a category before you can move ahead to the next categories. As I mentioned, in each level you will get 10 calculation-based Maths questions, which you have to solve within a limited time. In case you fail, you need to play it again. Also, note that, after you have cleared a level, you won’t be able to play it again. However, there is an option to reset software data to play the levels all over again. The gameplay of a level is shown in the screenshot below.

In order to enter the answer to a question, you can type it using the keyboard and then hit the enter button to move to the next question. If you entered the wrong answer then it will not show any error message or take you to the next question until you have entered the correct answer. It’s really very challenging and I recommend you to try it as it will really train your brain to do faster mathematical calculations.

Download it from the link provided above and extract the downloaded ZIP file. After that, execute its EXE file which you can find in the “GeniusHero\bin\Debug” directory. You can then enjoy this brain training software and have a nice time with it :)


brainspeeder- free brain training software

BrainSpeeder is yet another free brain training software on my list to improve focus and concentration power of the brain. In this brain test software, you can play 3 different types of challenges i.e. “Arithmetic”, “Mnemonic”, and “Speedoku”. These different tests will train your brain to calculate at faster speeds and improve working memory capacity. You just need to practice them on a regular basis to see the results. Also, these tests are appropriate for all ages as you can set different difficulty level to begin the tests.

Let’s now see the different tests that you can play in this free brain training software and how they can help you to train your brain:

  • Arithmetic Test: This test will train your brain to do faster calculations.
  • Mnemonic Test: This test will improve the working memory of your brain.
  • Speedoku Test: This test will improve the interpretational skill of your.

After you have downloaded this brain test game from the link provided above, install it. After that, open it and select the game language either English, German, or Deutsch. Next, you can select the challenge type and a level and then start the game.

Brain Tease II:

brain tease ii interface

Brain Tease II is the another free brain training software on my list. In its brain training program, you have to perform algebraic calculations, generally addition and subtraction. However, it makes it a little difficult for the brain as the algebraic equation consists of 3 operands instead of 2 and you need to solve it step by step, as you can see in the screenshot above. What I really liked about this brain training software is that it keeps a record of the brain challenges played and the high scores are displayed as a mark sheet on its main interface. Before starting the test, you can choose its difficulty level from easy to very hard. I will suggest you to start with the easy level and then gradually move to the very hard level. When you begin the brain test challenge, you will see the equation to be solved stepwise on the left. After specifying the final answer, hit the “Enter” button to face the next question. Remember, you have to do the calculations at a very fast pace as a time counter is also running against you. After a test is complete, it prompts you to enter the name and then displays it on its high score list in the main window.

Brain Speed Test:

brain speed test brain training software

Brain Speed Test is a free command-line based brain test software. This is not a full-fledged brain train software but will indeed help you to improve its reflexes and memory. The brain speed test begins with the Addition test and then followed by Subtraction and the Reflex test. What this brain training software actually does is that it calculates the time taken by you. After the test is completed, it generates a result file. In the result file, you can get to know the exact time taken by you to complete the test.

Let’s now see what you have to do in the 3 types of tests conducted by it:

  • Addition speed test: Test how fast you can add two numbers (one digit each). The questions are really simple but they do twist the mind if not answered consciously.
  • Subtraction speed test: In this test, it will calculate how fast you can subtract two numbers. Both of these numbers are of one digit. So, you can easily subtract them without spending much time.
  • Reflex test: In this test, it will calculate how fast and correctly you can type the keyboard keys (a, d, j, and l).

After you have completed these 3 types of speed tests, a “ResultLog.txt” file is automatically generated in the same directory where its EXE file is placed. Open this log file to know the time taken by you to complete the test. result log of brain speed test

In order to run this brain test, you first have to download it from the link above and then extract the downloaded ZIP file. After that, execute the “Brain Speed Test” application file from the extracted folder. This command line brain test software will open up its command line interface and will guide you to take the test; just follow the onscreen instructions.


In this article, I introduced you to 6 free brain training software to test and challenge your mind. You should not miss these software as they can train your brain to do calculations faster. Constant practice is the key, though. Spend some time with these brain test programs and solve puzzles of various difficulty levels to sharpen your mind. My favorite is Rapid IQ Builder as it comes with many different brain challenges and puzzles.

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