Websites to Get Free Inventory Template

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Here is a list of websites to get free inventory template. These templates make it easy for you to manage and track your inventory records and other related stuff easily. These websites offer specific templates for different types of inventories. These special inventory templates make the managing task even easier as they have default fields related to the type of inventory. It means you can focus and spend more time on entering and analyzing the data instead of spending your time on configuring the table as per your need.

Let’s get started to have a look at each of them one by one.

1. Excel Templates:

Excel Template

Excel Templates is the website which offer various types of free inventory templates.  On the templates page, you will find all of them listed in grid view along with their thumbnail image preview. Some of them are: Basic Inventory Control, Inventory Control Sheet, Equipment Inventory, Wine Cellar Inventory, etc. The fields which you will get, will depend upon the type of template you select. But to give you an idea of what to expect, some of the fields are Inventory ID, Product name, Description, Unit price, Quantity in stock, Inventory value, etc. All the fields can be customized as per your choice. You can easily sort and calculate the data with only a few clicks.

If you’re a number lover, then the total number of available inventory templates is 65. For the selected inventory template, the website shows a brief introduction, how to use the template section, and then a download link. Clicking on the link will download the template instantly.

2. Vertex 42:

Vertex 42

Vertex 42 is a the second website, which also offers various type of free inventory templates. On the main template page, the website shows inventory template preview along with name and brief summary. The template provided by Vertex 42 is a feature rich and saves a lot of time. On the template, you will find two separate fields to enter personal and insurance information. Then, there are fields to fill store location, description, date, where, warranty, price, condition, estimated value, model, serial #, notes, etc. You can also change names of these fields to the ones which match your type of inventory the closest.

You can choose to download the template in Excel, OpenOffice, or Google Sheets format.

3. Tidyform:


Tidyform website has only one free inventory template for you. The template is pretty simple with predefined fields like Inventory ID, name, description, unit price, quantity in stock, inventory value, etc.. You can easily fill out the details as per your need and perform the excel sheet functions like sorting, calculation, average, mean, etc.

4. Business Form Template:

Business Form Template

Business Form Template is another website which offer various types of free inventory templates. For each template, the website mentions its names, purposes for which it can be used, and number of downloads. The templates are available in DOC and PDF format for you to download. The website provide simple as well as feature rich inventory templates which depends upon the template type you want. You can make changes to the preset fields as per your need.

All the templates can be downloaded for free individually while for the complete package, you need to pay $47. The complete package includes not only the inventory templates, but also all the other templates which are over 1000 in numbers.

5. My Excel Templates:

My Excel Templates

My Excel Templates is the next website in the list with various free inventory templates. From the list, you can see the thumbnail image and brief summary of each of the templates. All the templates include all basic fields like item description, category, serial number, value, inventory information, etc. There are some more fields, which differ on the basis of template you’re using. You can also modify, add, and delete any of the fields as per your choice.

6. Spreadsheet 123:

Spreadsheet 123

Spreadsheet 123 has one free inventory template for you to download and use. On the template page, you will find the preview on the left side and option to download on right. You have the choice to use either preset fields or changes them as per your need. The preset fields are common like item name, number/ID, price, quantity, out of stock status, and many more.  There are two versions of the document: Excel 2003 and Excel 2007+. Click on the download button of desired version to get it instantly. At the bottom, the website shows you list of similar templates which you might want to download and use.

7. Words Templates:

Words Templates

Words Templates is the seventh website in the list and it features only one inventory template. The template provided by this website is pretty simple. There are columns for entering the date, number of items, details of each item, purchasing year, and purchasing price. At the bottom, there’s a field to enter company address and other contact details. Apart from this, you can use the website to download the template of other types.

8. Being The Chef:

Being The Chef

 Being The Chef provides you with basic inventory template. The spreadsheet includes fields for entering quantity, description, unit price, total price, date, etc. Below the preview of the template, you can read a brief info regarding it. You can also share your views about the template via the comments section at the end.

9. Blue Layouts:

Blue Layouts

Blue Layouts is the second last website to get free inventory template. On the templates page, you will see a detailed explanation about it, including its different components and use of it. The two main sections in the explanation are: Key features of template and Benefits of using that template. You can easily input values to the fields like inventory ID, name, description, unit price, quantity in stock, inventory value, etc.

10. Word Template:

Word Template

Word Template is the last website in the list with multiple inventory templates along with templates for other purposes. On the page of selected template, the website displays the information regarding the template and its features. It is a simple template with only item number, description, location, quantity on hand, etc. The download option is at the end of the information. You will get the template immediately after clicking the download option. If you don’t like the template, then you go through the list of other recommended templates to find the one for you.

These are the 10 websites to get free inventory templates. Check them out to find the best one for you.

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