Website For Teachers To Send Free Messages To Students And Parents

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ClassPager is a free website for teachers that allows you to send free messages to your students and parents just by sharing a code. The website allows you to create an account, make a classroom & add students to it, and then send them messages by sharing the classroom code with them. The website allows you to add up to 25 students in one classroom and only one classroom is available for free. If you create more than one classroom you will have to pay for it.

ClassPager is a nice website for teachers to stay in touch with your students and their parents all the time. You can send them homework, inspirational quotes, information about their performance, etc. In doing so, your phone numbers are also kept personal. Let us understand how this website for teachers to send text to students works.

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How To Send Messages To Students?

When you create an account, you are straightaway directed to create a classroom. In that classroom, you can add as many as 25 names of people to whom you want to send messages. For every classroom that you create, the website gives you a unique code. The website also gives you its phone number. You have to share this code and number with your students and their parents. They will send that unique code to the given number and subscribe to receive messages from you. Once, all this is done you can start sending messages and stay in touch with your students all the time.

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It is not necessary that the messages that you send will have to be sent to all the students in your group. You can choose names of students to whom you want to send a particular text. The students who receive your messages can also reply back. If they reply back you can start a personal one on one conversation with them.

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The website takes care of your privacy and security all the way. When you send a message, or even when you are having a personal conversation with a particular students, your phone numbers are not displayed. They are kept secret and only your name appears. Phone numbers of both students and teacher are kept under covers and only your name appears on each other’s screen.

One more important function this website lets you perform is that you can schedule a message for some other time. This similar feature is also provided in Remind101. You can type a message, select the recipients and schedule it for future. Your message will be sent at the set time even if you are logged out at that time.

Key Features Of This Website For Teachers To Send Messages

  • Send free messages to your students anytime
  • Set your own display name and change it anytime
  • Add up to 25 students in one class
  • Option to Schedule your messages
  • Keeps your phone number secret
  • Works on all devices including iPod Touch

Final Verdict

ClassPager is a nice website with easy to use features. Teachers can stay in touch with their students even outside the class using this online platform. I just wish users were allowed to create more than one free classroom.

Try ClassPager here.

You can also try using gText

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