Free Website to Teach Reading to Kids: Teach Your Monster To Read

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Teach your monster to read is a awesome website for helping your kids with learning how to read. If you are a parent or a teacher, I’m sure you worry about how you will teach your kids in a way that is easy and fun for them. So it doesn’t sound like a burden to the kids and they enjoy while learning as well. Because you can be sure of one thing, if your kids don’t find the whole exercise fun they surely won’t try it again.

Being a mom I know its difficult to get the attention of your little one. But with Teach your monster to read all you need to do is play the fun game the website provides and your little one would be mesmerized by it.

tymtr logo

Yes that is how wonderful the website is. All you are required to do to start with the learning is sign up on the website and create a player. Player would be your kids, so you can create a single player or multiple players. Each child has their own login so the game can keep a track of their progress overtime.

After this each player is asked to create a monster of their choice. You are given a choice of various body parts to create a monster like in the screenshot below. Once you create a monster, your journey to the magical world begins. You are taken on an adventure from one place to another, where you meet different characters and learn in the process. The games are designed around reading and pronouncing letters. Continuously seeing and hearing the same letters on the screen will make your child learn as well as read the same accurately.

tymtr choose monster

Starting games only introduce your child to single letters and progressive levels change the single letters to words and sentences. The graphics and sounds keep the child engaged. The practise of the same letter over and over in a level proves to be much helpful. As the kids see and hear it over and over, making the learning much easier.

Let’s see how the game works from the following screenshots.

tymtr first steps logo

We started with the first steps level for learning letters. The first letter we got to learn was “S”. Obviously there was a game tied to it and if the player collected all the letters then they got a prize. The game goes on like this and with every letter you learn, you get another new one. As shown in the screenshot below, the task given in the game is to collect all the sheep and place them in the area marked with the letter “S”. The child playing the game will collect all the sheep and complete the level to win a prize.

tymtr game play

As the children have their own player accounts they can login by themselves by using the name and password provided by the app like shown in the screenshot below. This way they won’t need a parent to log them in. Also they can start a game from where they left.

tymtr players

I found this website useful to make your kids learn how to read in a fun way. As all the parents know that the attention span of your little one is almost negligible, they just move from one thing to another. This website is able to keep them engaged with all the cool graphics, sound and gameplay.

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I would recommend this website to all parents and teachers having difficulty teaching their kids to learn reading. Try the website out, it just might be that turning point for your kid. The best part is that it is free to use and has a lot of credentials assosciated with it. So do check it out.

Check out Teach Your Monster To Read here.

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