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File is a completely free platform for you to share large files online easily with more than one person at a time. The website allows you to create a bucket in which you can add as many files as you want and share it with others. Other people can also add files to that bucket and you can download them. The website works without any registration and your files expire in a week’s time. You can share up to 50GB of data in one day and up to 4GB at one time. The website is primarily meant to share large files online.

 File sharing is a very common task these days that is used both for business and personal purpose. A free website that lets you share files with several people at a time served to be quite a noticeable option. Let us go through the details before we reach any conclusion.

File large files online-home page

Link to visit this website is given at the end of the article.

Add Files And Share Them Easily

You can start sharing files straightaway, without creating any account. The website allows you to share files in two different manners. Either you can simply upload and send the files or create a bucket.

File large files online-share files

In the first option you can simply upload the files on the website and type in the email address of the recipient. You can share files with more than one person and there is no limit to it. You just have to enter in their email id’s. They will receive an email and can download the shared files onto their system.

The second option this platform to share large files online provides is to create a Bucket. This is the important function of this website. In this bucket, you can add files and recipients names like usual and share them. When the recipients receive the bucket, along with downloading the uploaded files, they will also be able to upload more files. They can add as many files as they want in that bucket and you can download them onto your system. The bucket has to be given a name by the creator.

File large files online-create a bucket

Key Features Of This Website To Share Large Files Online

  • Allows you to upload and share large files online
  • No registration required
  • You can share pictures, videos, text files, or anything you want
  • Allows recipients to upload files in a bucket
  • Add up to 4GB of files at a time
  • Add up to 5oGB of files in one day
  • No limit to bucket size
  • Uploaded files expire automatically in a week

Missing Links

I also found a couple of missing links in the website that I feel can be worked upon. The first missing link is that the website takes a lot of time to upload a large file. It easily takes up to an hour or two if you upload 2 or 3GB of data. This can be a bit irritating if you are in a hurry. Secondly, I feel that an option to also allow recipients to add a new contact can be provided. As of now they can only upload new files.

Apart from these two things, it looks to be a fairly good website.

Final Verdict

File is a good website to share files easily. Not many file sharing websites provide such a feature to its users. Check it out here.

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