Post3D: Free 3D Environment Creator for Product Designers

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Post3D is a free online 3D environment creator for product designers that you can use to display your product designs or other 3D models in a virtual, online environment. You will find it much more convenient then building an actual prototype and you will still be able to show what your idea will entail.

A good thing about being able to use this free online 3D environment creator is that you can gather people across the country together in an online meeting room and discuss the project. You can see it in a realistic environment and determine what changes need to be made and when the product is ready to go to production.

Here is a video overview of Post3D:

Post3D is a web-based application so you don’t have to worry about it’s compatibility. Just go to their official website, sign up for a free account and follow their steps and share your 3D designs in a 3D environment. Create your design, post it to the program, and share it with others with this free online 3D software for product designers. The program will save a lot of time you would have spent physically creating your product. There are lots of innovative features that will allow you to customize your design to your specifications. This free online 3D environment creator program gives you complete creative control of your project.

How to Use Post3D:

Here is a quick video tutorial of Post3D that explains how to use Post3D:

You can also try 3D modeling tools like 3DPlus, K-3D and MINOS

Features of Post3D:

  • Easy Sharing: Once you have posted your design it is simple to invite people to view it and talk with you about their initial thoughts. Getting other people’s opinions on your work is important to move forward with its development. The research that you need to do with your product can be done a lot more cost effectively and in a shorter amount of time with this program.
  • Creative Invention: If you have an idea in your mind of what your new product or prototype will look like then it is very satisfying to finally see it come to fruition. Post3d allows you to bring your vision to life easily. You can create the product exactly how you want it to look when it is created. You can sculpt the vision you have for your project all online and give it life from your creation.
  • Realistic Meetings: The program provides a virtual reality where your design is actually on display. The 3d imaging allows the viewers to see exactly what the item will look like, and can tell the side by comparison to the surrounding environment.

The Post3D program is free, which is one of its main perks, but you get lots of great features to bring your invention to potential investors and consumers. You can easily navigate through the program, and they have a helpful customer service department if you hit a snag. Go to Post3D’s website and try it out.

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