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Secret Santa is a website to help you play secret Santa in a group. Using this service you can organize your secret Santa game with ease. All you need is name and emails of everybody who is playing. You can easily pass on names and wishes to people at random. The game will become exciting as nobody will know who is their secret Santa.

Christmas is a festive time and we all like to play games be it in office or with our friends. And no doubt that Secret Santa is the most popular among all the games. It does get complicated when you have to ask people to gather at one place to draw names for Secret Santa. Everyone might not be able to come because of their work commitments and other things. This website solves that problem for you. No one has to be at a place to start with this website.

Let’s look at how this website works:

On the home page of this website you have to give the event a name and add a event description. This can be seen in the screenshot above. Once you have defined your event, you can now add people that you would like to invite. You have to provide their first name, last name, and email address. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

You can add as many people as you would like in this list. All the people that you add in this game will have a check box with the label organizer in front of it. So you have to mark one person as the organizer of the event. This person will be the one making sure everybody’s participation is confirmed and sending out the draw emails. Once you have entered all the names and emails, click on the create event button given at the bottom of the page.

Once you click this button, your event will be created. It would look like the screenshot above. At this point no emails are sent out to any of your contacts. This is just a confirmation that your event has been created. Now you have to click the button shown which says send out wish mails. As soon as you click this button email notifications will be sent out to everyone participating in this event.

Now you will have to wait for everyone to confirm their participation in the event via their emails. The website will show a pending confirmation page to you as shown in the screenshot above. On the other hand all the participants will receive an email which looks like the screenshot below.

Here you have to click on the button given in the email which says enter your wish. Once you enter your wish and submit, your secret Santa participation will be confirmed. Once everyone’s wishes have been confirmed you are ready to send out draw emails. These draw emails will be sent out by the person you marked as organizer at the time of creating this event. The page will look like the screenshot below.

Click on the draw secret Santa button and all the wishes will randomly be distributed among participants. Each person will get one random persons wish and they have to buy them a gift accordingly. Each participating person will receive an email with a person’s name and their wish.

The above screenshot shows the random wish I received from a colleague of mine who participated in this event. Well she can expect a surprise this Christmas.

You may also check this quick video that gives a clear idea of how this secret Santa website works:


Secret Santa is a lovely website, which takes the hassle out of playing the secret Santa game in a group. You do not have to ask people to assemble for the secret Santa draw. Now all you need is names and emails of people participating. Rest the website handles for you. Being secret Santa to someone is so easy with this website. Go ahead and try out this website this year for your secret Santa draw. Do leave comments below to let us know how you liked this website.

Check out Secret Santa website here

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