10 Fun Christmas Apps and Games For Windows 10

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This article covers 10 fun Christmas apps and games for Windows 10. All the apps and games covered in this list are fun to play with family during these holidays. In the holiday season, these apps are good to spend your free time with. Some apps in this list are very creative Christmas apps and some are pretty fun Christmas games.

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And now without further ado, let’s dive in our list of creative and funny Christmas apps and games for Windows 10.

Christmas Wallpaper 2017

Christmas Wallpaper 2017 is an app with an awesome collection of beautiful Christmas wallpapers. This app shows you Christmas wallpapers from 8 various servers. Each server contains around 50 HD Christmas wallpapers. You can switch between those servers simply by selecting them from the drop-down.


christmas wallpapers

Once you got the wallpaper you like, you can click it open to preview. From the preview window, you can download that wallpaper to your computer. You can also set it as Lock Screen as well as Desktop background from there. And, if you want to share wallpapers with your friends, you can do that too.

Get Christmas Wallpaper 2017 from Microsoft Store.

Christmas Santa Run

Christmas Santa Run is a fun Christmas joy ride game. In this game, Santa rides on his reindeer cart in the snowy mountains. You can control the movements of Santa’s cart with up and down arrow keys or with the mouse cursor. The game has a track map on the top, you have to reach the finish line without crashing to complete a track.

fun christmas game

In the gameplay, there are stars surrounded with hurdles that you can collect to earn coins. With those coins, you can upgrade Santa’s cart for further levels. It is a real fun game, give it a try.

christmas holiday season

Get Christmas Santa Run from Microsoft Store.

Christmas Cookie

Christmas Cookie is the next entry in this list which is a puzzle game. It is similar to the famous mobile game Candy Crush. It has a number of levels, in each level, you have a goal to achieve. These goals are to collect specific numbers of specific cookies.

christmas cookie

In each level, you have to collect a different number of different cookies and achieving that goal unlocks the next level. This game is very simple to play, have fun with it.

Get Christmas Cookie from Microsoft Store.

Christmas Coloring Pages

Chrismas Coloring Pages is fun sketch app for Windows 10. When you open this app, you get a number of different Christmas items. Clicking any item from there will open colorless shapes.

christmas apps

For example, I select the snowman from the start page and it gave me a picture of 2 kids playing with a snowman in the snow. There is a brush, eraser, and color palette on the screen. You can sketch them up and make awesome colorful Christmas sketches.


Get Christmas Coloring Pages from Microsoft Store.

Christmas Hunt

The next entry in this Christmas apps list is Christmas Hunt. It is another puzzle game where you have to help Santa and his reindeer to find the hidden Christmas items. This game has a number of levels, in each level you have to hunt the hidden Christmas decorative items which are hidden in that level. Once you discover all the hidden items, it will take you to the next level and so on.


Get Christmas Hunt from Microsoft Store.

Santa’s Sleigh

Santa’s Sleigh is another Christmas fun game for Windows 10. It’s an 8-bit adventure game where you have to play as Santa. In this game, Santa rides in his cart, he flies over the houses to deliver Christmas presents. You have to deliver presents and collect cookies without crashing. This game is fun to play. Also, it has beautiful mountains in the back with snowfall and half moon.


Get Santa’s Sleigh from Microsoft Store.

Christmas Letter

Next fun app in this list is Christmas Letter. This app has a letter template where you can write a letter to Santa. It is a compact Christmas letter template with decorated borders, presents, and a Santa with a wishlist in his hand.

christmas letter

You can write this letter with various colors at different thickness. The final letter can be saved as a PNG image. And then, you can send it to anyone or share it on social media with your friends.

christmas presents

Get Christmas Letter from Microsoft Store.

Christmas Music Sounds

Christmas Music Sounds is a Christmas music app. It has a collection of Christmas music clips and Christmas sounds. When you launch this Windows 10 app, it welcomes you with two options on the main screen.

christmas music app

One is for Christmas Music and another one for Christmas Sounds. Selecting Christmas Music plays a series of Christmas music with a beautiful Christmas picture. It also shows you various sayings for Christmas along with each music clip.

christmas music

And, selecting the Christmas Sounds welcomes you with another screen that contains various Christmas sounds. You can play these Christmas sounds by simply clicking on them.

christmas sound

This app has a decent collection of Christmas music and sounds. Give it a try to lighten up your mood during the holiday season.

Get Christmas Music Sounds from Microsoft Store.

Xmas Tree Maze

Xmas Tree Maze, as the name suggests, it’s a maze game that is built around Christmas theme. In this game, you have to help Santa to get through mazes to collect Christmas items. It has three types of mazes. In one, you have to help Santa to reach the Christmas tree in the maze.

christmas maze

In another one, you have company. Here you have to compete with Snowman to reach the Christmas tree first. And, in the last one, there is a ball blocking your way to Christmas tree and you have to reach your reindeer first to get past that ball. Mazes get more complex as you reach higher levels in the game.

santa reindeer snowman tree


Get Xmas Tree Maze from Microsoft Store.

Christmas Tree 3D

There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree. Decorating Christmas tree is so much fun. And, here, with this Christmas Tree 3D app, you can have that fun by decorating Christmas tree with different approaches and various items. This app has several types of Christmas trees to start with. You can unlock more trees just by rating the app.

christmas tree 3d

When you choose a tree, it gives you a broad 3D view of that tree. Here, you can decorate your tree with various toys from a massive toys collection.

christmas decoration toys

After decoration, you can rotate your tree in 3D motion to see its glory. Nice snowfall is also added in the 3D view and you can add or remove the background as well.

christmas tree decoration

Get Christmas Tree 3D from Microsoft Store.

Closing Words:

All the Christmas apps covered in this article are fun for the entire family and kids of all ages can play these games during Christmas holiday season. Have fun.

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