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Notion is a free online document editor to create interactive documents with collaboration feature. You can easily create article pages, to-do lists, personal notes, project boards, and much more in no time. Unlike other document editors such as Stypi, Document.Editor, Free Editor, Ompad, and more, pages in “Notion” are made from different blocks. You can view all the building blocks by moving the mouse towards the right of the screen such as to-dos, code snippets, files, comments, videos, link, quotes, etc. It supports complete drag-and-drop feature which means you can drag-and-drop all the building blocks into your document.

No more hassle of organizing different folders for your documents as this application allows you to drop a page inside another and let it grow as a tree. Now the best part of this application is the real-time collaboration feature. You can invite other using the unique URL or via email to collaborate and work together simultaneously. It also lets you see which collaborator is working on which section of the document. Ultimately, it is an amazing document editor with a complete package of powerful tools.

The below image shows the document editor with building blocks of “Notion”.

main screenshot

How to Create and Edit Documents with Real-Time Collaboration:

Go to the homepage of this online application and sign in using your Google credentials and start creating great documents.

Step 1: As soon as you open the application, it will offer you a tutorial of how to use “Notion” and how it works. You can drag building blocks to the vast canvas and start editing them. As we have already discussed that you can add to-dos, images, videos, code snippets, etc. to the canvas. From the below screenshot, you can understand how to drag-and-drop blocks into the canvas.


Step 2: After placing blocks on the canvas, you can rearrange them by dragging them up and down. It also lets you put a block inside of another by dragging and placing them.

block inside block

Step 3: Invite or share your documents via unique URL or email and collaborate in real-time. You will also be able to identify which user is modifying which part of the document.

invite others

My Final Verdict:

Notion is an interesting online document editor that comes with real-time collaboration feature. Invite your colleagues and work together on a project simultaneously. Personally, I like this application as it supports complete drag-and-drop feature for the building blocks.

Try this document editor from the link here.

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