Create Google Drive Uploader Pages Free to Receive Large Files: PigeonFiles

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PigeonFiles lets you create unlimited Google Drive uploader pages for free to receive large files. Not only large files, but you can use it to collect files of any size. The uploader pages you create are hosted on unique URLs and you can share them in an office or college group to collect assignments, photos, or some other files. If you want, then you can also opt to receive only specific type of files only.

Although, you can collect files in Google Drive by sharing a specific folder, but that won’t allow you to limit files types and size. Also, for privacy reasons, you may want to avoid that. To, get around that, you can create uploader pages instead. And PigeonFiles can help you do that. The uploader pages that you create in the free plan are powerful, but if you upgrade, then you’ll get more features.

The end users when open the uploader page will be able to upload files directly by selecting them from PC. In addition to that, you can opt to collect name, email as well. And it will show you all the files that you have received so far on the settings page.

Create Google Drive Uploader Pages Free to Receive Large Files: PigeonFiles

Create Google Drive Uploader Pages Free to Receive Large Files: PigeonFiles

Simply start by creating a free account. Sign up using your Google account and then allow the permissions to access the Google Drive. After you reach the main UI, you can start creating uploader pages.

pigeon files google login

So, create your first uploader page by giving it a name and selecting a folder from your Google Drive where all the received files will be stored.

PigeonFiles Select Drive Folder to Upload

Now, you configure the uploader page settings. Some options such as expiry date and password protection is not available in the free plan. But you can limit the file size and file type. It will help you stop your drive folder from being flooded with unnecessary files. By default, there is no limit on the upload file size, but you can enable the option if you want to. Also, you can tun off or on receiving the personal information such as name and email.

PigeonFiles Uploader Page Settings

Finally, get the link to the Google Drive uploader page you have created and share it with anyone. They can open the page, upload files from their PC, enter the name & email, and submit the file. This is as simple as that. When the file has been uploaded successful, you open the uploader page in your PigeonFiles account and see stats of all the uploaded files. You can see one example in the screenshot below.

PigeonFiles Uploader in action

In this way, you can create and share Google Drive uploader pages for free to receive files directly in your Google Drive. The process is very simple and straightforward and I am sure that you will like it. The best part is that you can create multiple uploader pages with different settings and share them.

Final thoughts:

Using the Google Drive uploader pages, you can easily receive files from anyone. If you are a teacher, then it is a good way to collect PDF assignments. Or, if you want to ask for trip photos from any of your friends, then it can be useful as well. So, use PigeonFiles and create unlimited drive uploader pages to receive large files. You can let us know in the comments down below what you think about it.

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