Create Free Video Meetings Online with Notepad, Whiteboard, No Sign Up: Tilde

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Tilde lets you create free video meetings online with a collaborative notepad, whiteboard, and you can use it without sign up. Create a meeting instantly and invite the participants. It lets you invite up to 20 people in a meeting room, and you are free to do anything here. Here apart from collaboration, it supports screen sharing and file sharing with a unique video room UI.

There are video meeting creator websites you can use, but here the main key feature is collaboration. Here it gives you a notepad application built-in to the room and all the participants can type in it. Not only that, but there is a whiteboard as well for planing and mind mapping. If you want the participants to show a YouTube video, then you can do that as it has a video player built right into the meeting room.

One of the best part about this team video meeting creator is that it offers you a video meeting templates. Based on what kind of meeting you want to host, you can select a template. Based on the template you choose, it will get ready the features that you might need.

Free Video Meetings Online with Notepad, Whiteboard, No Sign Up Tilde

Create Free Video Meetings Online with Notepad, Whiteboard, No Sign Up: Tilde

Since there is no registration, you just go to the main Tilde website. Create a new instant meeting and then select a  template. If you want, then you can also start from a blank template as well.

Tilde Meeting Templates

Now, when you are in the meeting room, you can copy the link and then send that to the people you want to have in the room. As people join, you will be able to see them.

Tilde Meeting Created

Once everybody has joined, you can start meeting. If you want to start from an agenda, then you can simply open a whiteboard and then start drawing. The whiteboard here supports different colors for the pen and an eraser. You can add multiple whiteboards and then simply export it as an image as well when you are done. This is as simple as that.

Tilde Whiteboard

If you want, then you can open a collaborative text editor in the meeting room. After that, you can simply type anything in it and others can type too. The notepad supports rich text formatting and all the editing tools are there in the toolbar. You can type anything here and even embed code snippets or do whatever you want.

Tilde Collaborative Notepad

Another cool feature in this tool is sticky note and YouTube player. You can create notes and pin them in the room. They will be shown to everybody who is present in the meeting. If you want people to show some video from YouTube, then you can do that as well. Just open the YouTube player and add a video link in it to play it.

Tilde Sticky Notes and YouTube Embed

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful video meeting rooms creator website. All the tools that it offers are amazing and audio-video quality is very nice as well. This will be an ideal tool for people who often do online meeting for collaboration and demonstration. It offers all tools for that, and it will save a lot of time as well.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a video conferencing app for a team that has most collaboration tool, then Tilde is the best option. It offers a lot despite being a free tool, I really liked the user exercise that it offers. Everything works as intended, and you just go to the main website and create a new video meeting instantly.

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