Free 1-Click Video Meetings with Whiteboard, Textpad, Screen Share

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This article explains how you can create free 1-click video meetings with whiteboard, TextPad, screen share, and more. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, most of our meetings have moved to the cloud. But in order to host a video meeting, we generally requited to create an account on the video conferencing service. WorkshopX is yet another video conferencing service that skips the signup.

WorkshopX is a free video meeting service made for small teams. It allows us to quickly host video meetings within a click. The meetings are end-to-end encrypted and no one is required to create an account, not event the host. There is no time limation of any kind. Each meeting allows us to invite up to 7 participants where we can share a whiteboard, have a TextPad to take collaborative notes, share screen, and YouTube videos. So, let’s explore WorkshopX in more detail.

Free 1-Click Video Meetings with Whiteboard, Textpad, Screen Share

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Free 1-Click Video Meetings with No Signup

It is straightforward to create a video meeting with WorkshopX. All we have to do is visit the homage where it gives us a random room name and we can just start the meeting in 1-click. We can also edit the room name if needed.

1-click video meetings with no signup

After creating the video meeting room, it instantly opens the meeting interface with a link to invite others. Anyone with the link can join the meeting. Only up to 7 participants can join the meetings so only the first 7 people can join although we can remove participants to make room for others.

The video meeting has a text chat on the side where participants can send their messages. On top of that, there is a Whiteboard and Textpad available along with screen sharing and YouTube video sharing.

Video Meeting with a Whiteboard

video meeting with whiteboard

From the bottom menubar, we can enable Canvas that brings a whiteboard on the screen. The whiteboard is visible to everyone in the meeting but only the host can use it. It has a stack of colors on the side which we can use to visualize different things in the whiteboard.

Video Meeting with a TextPad

video meeting with textpad

Just like the whiteboard, we can also enable a Textpad. Unlike whiteboard, the TextPad is available to all the participants. Everyone can type and collaborate with plain or markdown text.

Video Meeting with Screen Share

video meeting with screen share

Screen sharing is another handy feature available in the meeting. This allows us to share a particular app window or the entire screen in the meeting. Lastly, there is an option to share a YouTube video. This option allows you to enter a YouTube video URL to play that video in the meeting.

Closing Words

WorkshopX offers us a simple yet feature-rich platform to easily host video meetings with small teams. The integrated whiteboard, Typepad, screen sharing and YouTube video sharing makes it fit in various type of teams including copywriting, planning, marketing, etc. All the meetings are end-to-end encrypted so there shouldn’t be worried about privacy as well.

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