Create Animated presentations free with Avatars and Gifs: Animaker Deck

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In this article, you will read about a web application that allows you to create animated presentations with avatars and gifs for free.

Animaker Deck is a free web application for creating animated presentations using gifs and avatars. This application is presented by Animaker, which makes various kinds of tools on video production, to ease the process of creating videos for free. The recent addition to their tools list is Animaker Deck.

Animaker Deck application allows you to create beautiful and engaging presentations along with adding the animated characters, avatars, and gifs to the slides. As we all know that simply putting information on the slides can look like a really boring presentation, but tweaking the presentation by adding a few fun elements like animated characters and gifs can make your presentation stand out among others.

Create Animated presentations free with Avatars and Gifs: Animaker Deck

Animaker Deck is a free online platform that can help you in creating attention grabbing presentations with the addition of a few animated characters in just few clicks. This application has numerous characters and gifs that can help in making the slides more understandable in easy way.

For using this feature in Animaker website, you can scroll through or search the website with the name of Presentation Maker, or simply click here to continue. Upon visiting, you will be required to sign up to use the service.  You can use your Gmail account or Facebook account or any email account to sign up to the service.

Sign Up

Upon successful sign up, you can start to create your presentation deck. There will be a pre-opened new file waiting for you to start editing on the same. Start by choosing a template for your presentation from the panel given on the left side.

P.S: You can access the slide features on the left side of the working window and the slide and its settings on the right side of the working window. 

Choose Template

Once the template is chosen, then you can click on the third icon the column on the far left side to navigate the avatars. There are several kinds of pre-exiting avatars that you can use or create your own avatar in the list. However, there are some avatars that can only be accessed once you upgrade your account. For creating your own avatar, you can proceed by clicking on the right side icon alongside the tab “Characters” on the top left.

The avatars are self animated. However, if you want to choose a specific action, you can click on avatar and the search for the action you want to show by the avatar. Click on the chosen action or the expression that you want the avatar to represent and the avatar will be animated during the presentation of the slides itself.

Avatar Animation

You can choose the animation or appearance timing of the avatar as well.

Avatar Settings

Moreover, if you want to animate the slides, there is an option of “animate” on top of the working slide that will provide you the option of animation on all the slides and the elements of the slides in the right side panel of the working window.

Animation setting


When you are done working with avatars, you can look for gifs to add to the presentation. For this, you can click on the second last icon, from the bottom, of the far left of the working window where you will find the option of “Giphy” that presents various kinds of gifs to choose from. Select the one that you find most appealing for your presentation.

Choose Gif


Once complete, you can check the preview of the slides and the working animation respectively, by clicking on the “present” tab on the far right corner of the working window.


Moreover, you can also send the link of the working presentation or invite the contacts using an email ID for editing or viewing the work in progress. Choose from limiting the access to the invitee.

Share link

In brief

Animaker Deck is a pretty easy website to work upon if you want to create the animated presentation deck for your next pitch. There are a lot of avatars and gifs available for the ornamentation of the slides that works along with the presentation content as well.

Try this web application here.

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