How to Limit Sensitive Content in Instagram Feed and Explore Page

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This tutorial explains how to limit sensitive content in Instagram, feed and Explore page. The new “Sensitive Content Control” option in the account settings now brings 3 options that you can configure depending on what frequency of sensitive content you want to allow in your feed.

If you want to completely allow sensitive content then you can specify that. The default option is standard, which blocks certain content and allows some. But you can disable this behavior if you want to. On the other hand, there is a new 3rd option that lets you see minimum sensitive content in Instagram feed.

The new “Sensitive Content Control” will affect the main Instagram feed, Explore, Stories, and Reels. For Instagram users under the age 18 will not have the option to allow all sensitive content. They will only have 2 options in their IG account settings.

How to Limit Sensitive Content in Instagram Feed and Explore Page?

This feature is being rolled out to all the users and in a few days everyone with the latest Instagram app will have it. Both Android and iOS apps will support this feature.

To configure “Sensitive Content Control”, just open Settings and then tap on the Account option.

Instagram Account Settings

Now, select the Sensitive content control option from the list.

Instagram Sensitive Content Control

You will now see 3 options listed there.

  1. More : Select this option to allow all sensitive content in your feed.
  2. Standard : Default option.
  3. Less : Select this option to see less sensitive content on Instagram.

Instagram Sensitive Content Control in action

This is it. This is how you can easily configure Instagram settings to limit sensitive content in your feed and everywhere on IG. And you can later change these settings as well depending on your preferences.

Final thoughts:

If you want more control over the sensitive content that Instagram shows, then use these new options that are being added to the app. If you want to see next to none sensitive content then just select “Less” option and your preferences will take effect shortly.

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