How to Know Your Daily Caffeine Limit

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This tutorial demonstrates how to know your daily caffeine limit. You can now easily find out how much caffeine you can consume in a day that is safe for your body. This can be done using a free caffeine safe limit calculator provided by “Caffeine Informer” website. This calculator can automatically find your daily caffeine limit just by using your body weight. It will show you the caffeine safe limit in milligrams. The results may not be exact, because it can vary depending on the person’s age, caffeine tolerance, medical history, etc.

Normally, 400mg of caffeine in a day is safe for almost all healthy adults. But, if you intake too many caffeinated drinks, then you might suffer from various caffeine overdose symptoms such as Nausea, Anxiety, Dizziness, Heart Palpitations, etc. So, knowing your daily caffeine limit using this calculator is one of the best options to avoid these symptoms. If you want to make sure how much caffeine is currently available in your body after your drinks, you can use any of these free caffeine intake calculators.

daily caffeine limit

How to Know Your Daily Caffeine Limit:

To get started, simply open the “Caffeine Informer” website and then just click on the “Browse Caffeine Amounts” button. This will open a new page where you can see a “Calculators” button at the top. Now, click on that button and choose the “Your Caffeine Safe Limit” option.

As soon as you do that, the caffeine safe limit calculator will open up. Now, you can go ahead and enter your body weight either in Pounds or Kilos. Do note that the calculator doesn’t support decimals.

After you’re done entering your body weight, simply click on the “Calculate Safe Limit” button. When you do that, it will take your body weight into consideration to calculate the daily caffeine limit which is safe for your body. The result will be applicable for a person aged 18 or more.

Apart from the daily caffeine limit calculator, this website also comes with two more caffeine related calculators. The calculators are as follows:

Death By Caffeine:

This calculator can help you find how much of your favorite caffeinated drinks you should consume in a day. It lets you select a drink and enter your body weight to calculate the daily consumption limit (in cups, cans, or bars). It can also show you the lethal dosage after which you would probably expire.

How Much Coffee Can You Drink:

This is another useful calculator which can help you find out how much your daily safe limit is for any specific coffee. It lets you choose your favorite coffee, enter your body weight, and select your caffeine sensitivity to calculate the daily coffee safe limit.

Closing Words:

So, if you wanted to know what’s your daily caffeine limit is, then this tutorial will help you exactly do that. The caffeine safe limit calculator provided by “Caffeine Informer” makes it possible for you to know that with ease. Now, you can know when you’re about to exceed your caffeine safe limit while drinking your favorite caffeinated drinks like an espresso, tea, energy drink, etc.

Try “Caffeine Safe Limit Calculator” from here.

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