How to Convert Guitar Tabs to Notes Online Free

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Update 2022: This website no longer works. You need to use some other alternative instead now.

This tutorial demonstrates how to convert guitar tabs to notes. Converting guitar tabs online into readable standard notes which you can read, play with a keyboard, etc is fairly easy. This is possible with the help of a free website named, “Guitar Tabs 2 Notes“. It allows you to simply copy & paste the guitar tabs in a text input box and they will get converted automatically to notes. You can also configure how you want the notes to look after conversion by changing the half-notes style, showing notes name, and size of the notes.

After you’re done converting the guitar tabs to notes, you can either view & read them online or save as an image to your PC. Converting guitar tabs to notes can come in handy in many situations like you have got a guitar tab and want to know the notes quickly, play guitar tabs using your keyboard by converting them into notes first, and so on. This website is your one-stop solution for that.

guitar tabs to notes

We have also covered other tutorials on how to convert guitar tabs to sheet music and piano tabs.

How to Convert Guitar Tabs to Notes Online Free:

Before you can convert guitar tabs to notes, simply visit the website of “Guitar Tabs 2 Notes”. There you will see a text input box on the right in which you would need to enter the guitar tabs for conversion.

To make this website work and convert the guitar tabs, make sure that the guitar tabs contain lines in any of these formats: “5 2 x 3 2 2”, “52x 3 2 2”, or “52×322”. Here, the tab will actually represent a guitar strung i.e. “EADGBE”. The tabs can contain other text as well in between like song lyrics, artist information, etc. and they will not affect the conversion.

When you’re done entering the guitar tabs, you will be able to configure various settings for the conversion. It allows you to choose how you want to show half-notes (flats (b) or sharps (#)), show note names (yes or no), and the size of the note (small, medium, large, or very large).

Once you’re all set with configuring the settings, all you got to do is click on the “Submit Tab” button visible below the text box. When that is done, the guitar tabs will automatically be converted into notes. The notes will be displayed just below the appropriate guitar tabs making it simple for you to read them. You can also save the converted notes as a PNG file to your PC.

Closing Words:

So, if you have been looking for a simple method to convert guitar tabs into notes, then the method explained in this tutorial is what you need. The “Guitar Tabs 2 Notes” website makes it pretty simple and convenient for you to do that. Just copy and paste guitar notes and you will get the converted notes in no time. I hope this tutorial helps.

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