How to Combine Multiple Subreddits using Multireddits to Browse Reddit

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This post explains how to combine multiple subreddits using multireddits to browser Reddit. Multireddit is a native feature of Reddit where you can create a group of multiple subreddits to create a custom feed for you. This feed will be different than the one already shows up when you log in. In the multireddit feed, only those subreddits will appear that you have already selected. Unlike the default feed on the homepage, a multireddit doesn’t have random posts from your least favorite subreddits. You can create multiple multireddits by adding different subreddits and then use them to see posts from your favorite subs only.

One of the best use cases of multireddits is in using Reddit at work. If you have joined some NSFW subreddits then you can simply avoid them at work by creating a multireddit. Just create a separate multireddit from non NSFW communities and browse Reddit at work without any problem. Creating a multireddit is just a piece of cake and I will tell you how you can create one from scratch in the next section. However, one thing that needs to be mentioned is that in order to use multireddits, you have to use the old Reddit UI.

How to combine muliple subreddits using multireddits

How to Combine Multiple Subreddits using Multireddits to Browse Reddit?

In order to get started with creating a multireddit, you need to switch to the old Reddit UI. In order to do that, you just have to click on the drop-down at the top right and then select the “Visit Old Reddit” option.

go to old reddit

Now, when you are at the old Reddit, you just need to expand the left sidebar. When you expand the sidebar, you will see the options for creating a multireddit. You can see the screenshot below.

Reddit left sidebar

Now, you just give your multireddit a name and then simply hit the create button. It will take you to the next page where you have to add subreddits to this newly created multireddit. From the right side, you just search and add subreddits in the multireddit and then simply see corresponding posts in the feed. This is how you can create a custom Reddit feed for you with the help of multireddits.

Reddit create a multireddit

Another simple way of creating a multireddit on the fly is through URL manipulation. In the Reddit URL, you just open a subreddit and concatenate the names of other subreddit with the help of “+” sign. The feed will be customized accordingly.

multireddit via URL

This is how you can easily combine multiple subreddits with ease using multireddits. You can create multireddits based on your mood and your preferences of subreddits that you like most. All the multireddits that you create will be available in the left sidebar of old Reddit and you can access them anytime.

Final words

If you are a regular Reddit user then you can make use of multireddits to create custom Reddit feed. Or, if you only want to see posts from specific subs then this method will definitely come in handy. I am waiting for the multireddit option to appear in the new UI until hen you can stick to the old UI method. There are numerous advantages of using multireddits and you can start using them from today.

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