Angry Birds Transformers for iPad, Play as Optimus Prime

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Angry Birds Transformers for iPad is the next installment in the Angry Birds game series developed by Rovio Entertainment. The game includes official merchandises and toy line from Hasbro, which gives you the feel of the playing a real Transformers based game. The game includes both heroes and villains, similar to the Transformers movie franchise.

On the hero side, you have a team of AUTOBIRDS, which includes Red as Optimus Prime, Chuck as Bumblebee, Terence as Heatwave, Hal as Grimlock, Bubbles as Jazz, and Stella as Arcee. Similarly, for the villains side, you have a team of DECEPTIHOGS, which includes King Pig as Megatron, Corporal Pig as Galvatron, Foreman Pig as Lockdown, Chef Pig as Soundwave, and Minion Pig as Starscream.

Angry Birds Transformers

Gameplay of this Angry Birds Transformers for iPad:

The gameplay of Angry Birds Transformers is very different from earlier Angry Birds games in which you had to swipe on the screen to shoot Birds to kill pigs. In this game, Angry Birds can move on their own and they are powered with super powers and weapons, just like the Transformers. Just like them, Angry Birds can also transform their body depending on the situation.

Optimus Prime as Truck

You will start the game as Optimus Prime, but as you progress in the game, you will unlock cool powers and your friends, which will complete the AUTOBIRDS team.

A mysterious EggSpark has reached Piggy Island. It has transformed all the things into Transformers which are ready to destroy everything. You have to save Piggy Island and catch that EggSpark.

Playing Angry Birds Transformers

The game is basically a side-scrolling game in which Angry Bird will keep on running on the screen as the screen will slide. You have to shoot the pigs which will come in your way, avoid the falling statues, and reach the finish point. You have a specific number of lives to reach there, so if you lose all lives before that, then you will lose the level.

Destroying Enemies

On winning the level, you are awarded with virtual currency and gems. You can use these rewards for enhancing the ability of Angry Birds.

Level Cleared

The game even includes an Upgrade shop from where you can get different upgrades for your character. These upgrades boost your character’s powers and ability, which will ultimately help you in fighting with more powerful enemies.


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Final Verdict:

Angry Birds Transformers for iPad is an awesome and really entertaining upgrade to Angry Birds series. I and my colleague loved playing Angry Birds as Transformers. The game has really new and unique gameplay. It’s a must try game for all Angry Birds and Transformers fans out there.

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