5 Sudoku Generator Websites to Create Sudoku Online

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This article covers best free Sudoku generator websites to create Sudoku puzzles online. With these websites, you can create your own Sudoku puzzle, all by yourself or can generate random puzzles with a click. After creating a puzzle, you can check whether it has a feasible solution or not.

Some of these websites also let you save your Sudoku puzzles as PDF. You can print them on paper and try to solve them in the traditional way.

Here are Windows 10 Sudoku Game App with 5 Game Modes to cheer you up. In case you use an Android phone, check out these free Sudoku apps for Android.

Best Sudoku Generator Websites to Create Sudoku Online:


Sudoku9x9: sudoku generator

Sudoku9x9 is a free website where you can easily create Sudoku puzzles. To do so, click ‘Blank Grid‘ to open an empty grid for your Sudoku. Fill the cells with numbers to create a puzzle. In case of a mistake, you can simply overwrite that cell or can use the Undo function. In this Sudoku generator, you can highlight the cells with background colors. You can also highlight related cells and same numbers in your puzzle for guidance while you generate Sudoku. After creating your puzzle, you can submit it to Sudoku9x9 puzzle library.

Create puzzles with this Sudoku Generator here.


Sudoku.becher.sundstoem.de: sudoku generator

Sudoku.becher.sundstoem.de has a simple online Sudoku generator. When you open this website, it welcomes you with an empty grid which you can use to create your Sudoku. Just fill up the cells with your puzzle data and select a level for it. After creating Sudoku, you can verify it for a possible solution. You can save it with the Save button at the top, which will download the puzzle as a PDF file to your computer.

Try this Sudoku Generator here.


Puzl.be: sudoku generator

Puzl.be is another simple Sudoku generator. It does not offer any additional function rather than creating a puzzle. Just enter your data into the grid cells to create a puzzle. After creating the puzzle, you can try to solve your puzzle within a time limit. You can also print your puzzle as PDF. Apart from that, this website can generate HTML code for your puzzle, which you can use to embed it on a website/blog.

Give this Sudoku Generator a try here.


Kjell.haxx.se: sudoku generator

Kjell.haxx.se is an online module to generate Sudoku puzzles online. You can create puzzle yourself or can use this module to generate one for you. This module generates puzzles based on difficulty level. Just select a difficulty level from the drop-down and click ‘Create a field‘ to generate a puzzle.

You can also seed values to this module and the module will adjust those values to achieve the selected difficulty level. It can also show you the possible solution for the generated puzzle.

You can generate a printable sheet of Sudoku puzzles here.

Try Kjell.haxx.se Sudoku Generator here.


Games.co.za: sudoku generator

Games.co.za has an online Sudoku generator with a graphical interface rather than plain and simple interface like others in this list. It requires flash player to run. You have to create a puzzle all by yourself here. To do so, click on the desired cell and select the number you want to enter from the number grid. Follow the same process for rest of the cells. After generating your Sudoku puzzle here, you can play it against time.

Generate puzzles with Games.ca.za Sudoku Generator here.

Closing Words:

All these Sudoku generator websites are simple and very easy to use. The process of generating a puzzle in almost same in all of them. Sudoku9x9 and Kjell.haxx.se are my preferred choices for generating Sudoku. Give them a try and tell us which one(s) you preferred and why.

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