All-in Pedometer for Android with Built-In Music player

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All-in Pedometer for Android is a free Android Pedometer App that lets Android users to count steps without any extra effort. It also records distance traveled, calories burnt, time of the workout, speed of the user, etc. It shows the results in numbers as well as graphs. It also has an in-built music player using which you can listen to your favorite songs from you Android device, directly inside this Pedometer App. This app doesn’t need any external device to record the number of steps you take while walking. It works without the use of internet and therefore, can be used anytime and anywhere.

All-in Pedometer Interface

Key Features of All-in Pedometer for Android Users:

  • Easy to use pedometer for Android users.
  • It has a clean interface.
  • Records the number of steps you walk while the app is open.
  • No external Hardware required.
  • No active internet connection required.
  • Additional calibration not needed before use.
  • Shows distance covered and duration of workouts.
  • Has a Lock feature to ensure you do not stop it accidentally.
  • History and Body Tracker available only in upgraded version.
  • Provide accurate calculation for calories-burned.
  • Automatically detects the activity i.e. walking, jogging or running.
  • Monitors and shows graphs for step rate, pace, speed etc..
  • Daily goal in distance (miles) can be set.
  • Has an in- built Music Player.

All-in Pedo Music Player

Note: Body Tracker and History is not available in the free version. If you want a free pedometer that shows summary of your workouts and also stores history, then try Runtastic Pedometer.

The All-In Pedometer for Android accurately monitors the number of steps you walk when you place the device anywhere on your torso. Placing the device in lose trousers pockets or holding them in your hands while walking/running is not recommended for accurate results. The free Android pedometer app also provides you measurement of your speed, pace, distance, workout duration, and calories burned.

Using this Pedometer you can also set a distance that you want to walk, jog, or run daily. The app will show you the percentage completed. To keep you motivated to complete your daily goal, the app has provided an in built music player. You can create a playlist for the same purpose and play it during your workouts.

From the More Option, you can access your profile. Click on it to make required changes. You can also set you step length for walking, jogging and running. This helps the app to automatically detect your activity and record that. Though calibration is pre-configured to suit most of the people, but it also be changed anytime from ‘My Profile’ page.

All in pedometer setttings

Also read our article on Noom Walk, a great Android Pedometer app that also allows you to connect with your friends and stay motivated.

Final Verdict:

All-in Pedometer for Android is a free app allows you to record the number of steps you take to keep yourself fit. In my view, this app could have been much better if at least one week’s history had been available in the free version, too. But as it is said: Forget the past, look to the future. Using the free version of the app, you may not be able to store your history, but will surely have a healthier future.

Use this QR Code to get the app:

All-in Pedometer

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