Track your Steps with Runtastic Pedometer App for Android

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Runtastic Pedometer App for Android allows you to keep a track of the number of steps you walk. It also shows Duration, Speed and Distance along with number of steps. Runtastic pedometer also allows you to listen to music from your Android device while walking, running, or hiking. This makes you walk or jog for longer time, thus burning more calories while keeping you in a jolly mood. You can record your mood and weather of the day after completing a session. It also lets you share the summary of your workouts with your friends on social networking sites like, Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Runtastic Pedometer

Key Features of Runtastic Pedometer:

  • Simple to use.
  • Uncluttered interface.
  • Records steps automatically.
  • Calculates speed, too.
  • You can set step length and sensitivity too.
  • Customizable step frequency zones to set fast and slow pace.
  • Shows last 5 walking activities on your phone.
  • Shows distance covered and duration of workouts.
  • Records additional fun info like feeling, weather etc.
  • Shows summary of the session afterwards.
  • Has a Lock feature to ensure you do not stop it accidentally.
  • Share on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Can be integrated to your MyFitnessPal account.
  • Stores history.

Runtastic Features

Using Runtastic Pedometer App for Android:

Tap on the Runtastic Pedometer icon (the one with a picture of a running shoe on it), on your Android device. The App will open the Main page. From here you can start recording the number of steps you will walk. You will see all the counters with zero on them. You can start a session by tapping on the green button that says ‘Start Workout’. The Pedometer will automatically start counting your steps. It will also start recording speed, distance, and duration of the workout. You can pause a session by pressing the pause button. Tap on the Resume button to record in the same session.

The app also has a Lock/unlock feature. This feature ensures that the session is not paused or stopped in between a workout. Therefore, to stop the session you first have to unlock it with a simple tap on the lock icon and press the red button to stop recording your steps.

After every session, you are asked to record a few simple and fun things like your feeling during the workout, the surface on which you were walking, the weather and temperature of that day, your minimum and maximum heart rate during the workout etc. It is not necessary to record these things but it may help later if you need the history.

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Final Verdict:

Runtastic Pedometer App for Android is a free and fun to use pedometer that can be used to record steps whenever you walk. I love this app as it encourages me to walk more, thus making me healthier. I like the simple settings and the clean interface. Best thing is that it works even from my bag or pocket, so there is no need to hold the device in my hand all the time. Try this app and have fun walking.

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