Free Tenant Management Android App to Manage Bills and Payments

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In this article, you will read about a Free Tenant Management Android App that helps to manage the bills and payments easily.

Renting out a house is an everyday thing now given that most people live away from their families for work. The renting activities are present in almost every city now. And most of the time, it becomes difficult to manage the various tenants for the landlord. Not only landlord but tenants also often face the problems of managing the bills while living in a rented place from time to time.

For this, there are various methods you can use to keep a record of the tenants the traditional ways, such as the notebook, or you can switch using your phone. There is an android application called Tenanter that helps you keep the track of the payments and bills that can be used both by the tenants as well as the landlord.

Free Tenant Management Android App to Manage Bills and Payments

Tenanter is a free android application available in the APK format (due to beta version) that you can download via their website and easily start to manage the payments and bills for both, the landlord as well the tenant. This application easy to use while keeping a track of all the monthly payments regarding each rented house.

For this, you can visit the website by pasting the URL from here or simply click here to visit the page directly on your phone.

There on the homepage, you will see the button of downloading the application. Since the default setting of most of the android phones is to disable the installation of apps downloaded from chrome browser due to security purposes, you may need to change the settings to “allow” for this application.

Download the application

After you change the settings to allow, your phone will ask you if you want to install the application to your phone. Click on “install” and run the application thereon.


There you will find two addresses already present in the application. You also do not need to log in to use this application yet. These addresses will be the default and you can change the address information as per your requirement. Moreover, click on the “+” icon to add the new address to this App.

Fill in the address details

After you input the address, you can input all the necessary payment and bill details that are associated with the tenant and then set the date and tenure accordingly. From there on, you can input or update the monthly payments with each month.

Update the payment details

This application can be used by both, the tenants (to record their payments and bills timely), and the landlords (to keep the track of payments and bills by various tenants under the name and address).

In brief

Tenanter is a simple android application that you can use to timely update the payments and bills of a rented place. This application is equally useful for the tenants as well as the landlord. However, since this application is not available on Google Play yet, this is because it is the beta version.

Try this application here.

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