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Urban Dictionary For Windows is a free Windows 8 Dictionary app. It is a client app of; which is a web based English dictionary, that contains more than 7 million word definitions. This dictionary app accesses the urbandictionary website, and brings out the words for you. But as the website mainly focuses on the urban words and phrases, so you can use this Windows 8 dictionary app to find the in-trend urban words, and their meanings along with an example of how to use the word.

You might have faced certain situation, when you felt left out, because you don’t understand the terms your friends are speaking. So, in order to avoid such situations, you can use this app and stay updated with hip words. This free Windows 8 dictionary app is present under the Entertainment Category in Windows Store. Use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store, or use the link at the end of this article.

Urban Dictionary For Windows - Main Screen Labels

Finding words and their meaning using this Windows 8 dictionary app:

As it is not the official client of urbandictionary, so it lacks in some of the features, that are provided in the website. Still the current features that this Windows 8 dictionary app has, are very useful, handy, and some what sufficient. The app is a good start. The best thing about the app is, it’s totally free and you can perform unlimited word searches for free. The app updates continuously on daily basis. So, what ever you find on the Home Page in the website is also available in the app’s Main Screen.

Urban Dictionary For Windows - Main Screen

The app has a really good design. UI looks good, and the background is eye-soothing and makes reading effortless. I liked that the fonts are big in size, because it makes easy to read stuff, even for the weary eyed people. There’s no sign-up or registration required, hence removes all the cumbersome stuff. On launching you’ll get the Main Screen, consisting four labels: Word of the day, Recent, Random words, and Words of the years. All of these labels, except Word of the day, lists multiple words with their meaning. Word of the day has just one Word and it’s meaning and an example. Now, a good point in here is that: Random Words and Word of the day labels have a Refresh button besides themselves. Clicking on it, refreshes the label’s content and shows new words and their meaning.

Urban Dictionary For Windows - Word Screen

Simply click on the word and you’ll get the complete description, and it’s examples in the word’s own screen. Just like the website, here, you can also like or dislike the word, by clicking on the like and dislike buttons. Also if you liked the word so much and want to share it with friends, then you can use Windows 8 Share charm (Win + H), or right click on this screen and click on Share button. Also, right clicking gives you an option to mark a word as favorite.

Urban Dictionary For Windows - Share

Key features of this Windows 8 dictionary app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 dictionary app.
  • Learn new word each day.
  • Live tile on Start Screen showing The Word of the Day.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Search, Share, and Settings Charm.
  • Read full definition of word and examples of using it.
  • Refresh option to learn more words.
  • Mark a word as Favorite.

Following is a screenshot of word search within the app.

Urban Dictionary For Windows - Search
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Final Note:

Urban Dictionary For Windows, certainly is a good Windows 8 dictionary app. It’s database of words is huge. Though it focuses mostly on urban words but you can also find some early English terms. This app is very useful because everyday you’ll learn a new word or phrase. It works smooth, search option is pretty useful. Though I missed home button and pinning option. But, the words that you’ll find here are pretty interesting and funny. All in all, a good Free Windows 8 app.

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Get Urban Dictionary For Windows here.

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