Free Windows 8 Brain Training Game App: Brain Train Challenge

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Brain Train Challenge is a free Windows 8 brain training game app. This game has 19 different brain exercise games related to topics, like: words, numbers, memory, logic puzzles. All the games are quite challenging. With these games you may be able to improve your visual and memory skills.

In the beginning of every game, you are given 45 seconds. Try to earn as many points as you can within 45 seconds. At the end of every game, you are rewarded a medal depending upon the points you have earned in that particular game: Gold medal (if you are fast and accurate enough), Silver Medal (if you played amazing in the game but with comparatively less accuracy), Bronze medal (if you were not that good). The game sounds easy, but is quite tricky. You need to earn medals to unlock games.

You can check health rating depending upon your performance and can unlock many awards as well. You can also share your awards with your friends to show them your skills.

Brain Train Challenge

Key features of this brain training game app for Windows 8:

  • Very simple interface.
  • Provides 19 different games.
  • Easy to play games, but challenges your brain.
  • Maintains health rating as per your performance.
  • Unlock many different games and awards.
  • Provides medal as per your performance: Gold medal, Silver medal, and Bronze medal.

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Different games and options of this Windows 8 brain training game app:

You can get free Brain Train Challenge from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review. After launching the app, you will find one unlocked game and other locked games on the screen. There are total 19 games, like: rotation, relative size, odd one out, Find the card, etc. All the games are related to words, numbers, memory, spatial awareness, logic puzzles etc.

Rotation: In this game, you are shown four pictures. Out of four, three are genuine rotations. You need to find the picture that cannot be made by rotating others. Brain Train Challenge-Rotation Relative Size: In this game, your are shown four different shapes. You are asked questions like click on the third largest shape, click on second smallest shape, etc.

Brain Train Challenge-Relative size

Odd One Out: In odd one out you need to find the word which is not related to other provided words.

Brain Train Challenge-oddoneout


Find the card: In this game, you are shown some picture cards. You need to memorize the sequence in which they appear. The cards are then flipped, and you need to answer questions based on their sequence.

Brain Train Challenge-Find the card


Click on any unlocked game to start playing. Before each game, you will be informed what the game is about and instructions to play it. In each game, you are given 45 seconds. You need to earn as many points as you can.

After the completion of every level you are awarded a medal. You need to collect gold medals in most the games to unlock other games.

Brain Train Challenge-Score


You can track your performance in health rating. Right click on the home screen of the game app, and then click on Health Rating to check your health rating.

Unlock many awards by improving your performance daily.

Brain Train Challenge-Award

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Brain Train Challenge is one of the best brain training game apps I have ever played. The best thing I like about it is that, you need to collect medals in one game to unlock other games. The 19 different games and the health rating makes the app more interesting. So if you are looking for any brain training game, then you should definitely try it.

Get Brain Train Challenge here.

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