Free Sprites Sheet Maker with AI Image Generator, Color Replacer

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MRSpriteSheetFromAI is a free software for Windows that can help you create sprite sheets easily and export them as PNG images. Basically, it allows you to import images from the disk, replace color in them and then add them to the final sprite sheet. Later when you are done, you can simply pack the sprite sheet in a single PNG file and do whatever you want.

Not only importing the local image but this tool comes with OpenAI integration. You can add your OpenAI key in it and then generate images using text prompts. It uses Dall-E to generate images on the fly then you can create sprite sheets from the images that it generates for you. Additionally, you can do color correction before creating your sprite sheet.

Sprites Sheet Maker with AI Image Generator, Color Replacer

Free Sprites Sheet Maker with AI Image Generator, Color Replacer

Just go ahead and download this tool from here. Run it directly and then. its main interface will open up. It has a simple UI and looks like this.

MRSpriteSheetFromAI Main UI

Now, you can import an image from your PC and then start adding it to sprite.

MRSpriteSheetFromAI Import an Image

Before adding your image to the sprite canvas, you can replace some colors in it. For that, just left click anywhere in the image. The color from the point where you clicked will be picked and then you can replace that with some other color of your choice. Additionally, you can also specify the tolerance level.

MRSpriteSheetFromAI Start Color Replacer

Now, click Process and then color correction will be applied. The next step is to push this image to the sprite sheet. Just click “Add Sprite to Sheet” to do it.

MRSpriteSheetFromAI Color Replaced

This way, you can now keep creating and adding image to the sprite sheet. The process is extremely simple and then in the end, you can export the sprite sheet. Click Save Image to do that.

MRSpriteSheetFromAI Create Sprite

Next best thing to do in this software is generate images via AI. Just use the generate Image from Text option from the toolbar and then enter the prompt. You will just have to make sure that you add your OpenAI key.

MRSpriteSheetFromAI Prompt and Key

Once the image generates, you can push it to the final sprite. Or, just like the local images, you can also replace colors in these images as well.

MRSpriteSheetFromAI in Action

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful tool to create sprite sheets with local as well as AI generated images. You can generate different variations of the same image by replacing color. The color replacer works at a pixel level and to have good results, you just need to make sure that you have selected the right tolerance level.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for a simple sprite sheet creator software that can generate sheets using local as well as AI generated images, then you are in luck. MRSpriteSheetFromAI is a simple lightweight tool that you can use anytime. It works in portable mode and has a simple interface to create, edit, and generate sprite sheets in just a few clicks. If you often create and pack sprite sheets, then you will like this additional tool in your collection.

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