Free File Encryption Software to Secure your Data: CloudFogger

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CloudFogger is an encryption software meant for cloud based services. Cloud services have been treated with a lot of suspicion in regards to security. This is not misplaced suspicion, one popular cloud services encrypts data remotely meaning that until it reaches their servers, it can easily be intercepted by anyone with the knowledge and tools to do so. CloudFogger is not limited to cloud services and can be utilised for encryption on your PC or on a LAN. Windows, Mac and Android device users can enjoy CloudFogger services for free while users on other platforms can be assured that CloudFogger is to be rolled out shortly on other major platforms like iPhone, iPad, iOS.


Installation went on with no issues at all. The software was not bundled with any adware.

Features of this amazing free Encryption Software

The main feature in CloudFogger is of course the encryption utility that uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which is NSA approved to encrypt and guarantee their safety. This means that your files are very safe even before they are uploaded into any online cloud service.

Secure sharing of data through removable media is available. The service uses a portable file format specific to CloudFogger to enable you to share encrypted data via media without worrying about compatibility. This unique file format allows for sharing of encrypted data via email.

CloudFogger uses transparent encryption and stores all encrypted files in a CloudFogger drive X. The drive is created after installation is completed. The contents of Drive X can then be uploaded to a cloud service, stored on your hard drive or shared via LAN.

How to use it

Once installation is complete, CloudFogger creates the virtual drive known a drive x. Users are required to pair this drive with a folder of their choice but CloudFogger automatically links it to the Dropbox folder if it can find one. The application then requests for an account which you can do without. The benefit of having an account is that you can add CloudFogger IDs of people you wish to share the data with allowing them to easily access it. The single user option is for local encryption meaning that you cannot share files using this option.


CloudFogger launches during start up but is minimised to the tray when running. It can be accessed by right or left clicking the tray icon. For first time use, users are required to read a pdf file explaining more about CloudFogger. Files stored in the CloudFogger drive are automatically encrypted. Once you have unlocked your account, programs can access encrypted data without having to decrypt them and any new files are automatically encrypted. You can change account information and change preferences to your own via the Preferences menu. Encrypted files are stored using the .cfog extension.



On the fly encryption and decryption makes your work very easy and saves time as you don’t have to manually decrypt data and encrypt it each time it changes. The software is particularly useful for people who need to share sensitive information online but may appear too far fetched for an ordinary user. The idea of a portable file format compatible with any installation is great. I never got to understand the lock and unlock account commands and the product offered very little explanation of this. Also the software lacks an offline support system and had to be online to use the Help Center which did not yield any answers. Although this Encryption Software can be used for all round encryption, it tends to be biased towards cloud service-the name seems to suggest the same.


CloudFogger is a great tool for anyone wanting to secure and share data in a very simple way for free.

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