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Keypirinha is a free application launcher software that comes with real-time search suggestions. This makes searching very fast. As you type alphabets, it shows filtered results and lets you select a particular result. It is very good to quickly launch applications and find bookmark files of different web browsers installed on your PC.

Apart from this, you can also use it for web search and evaluate the mathematical expression. These features make it a better application launcher and a good competitor to other similar software.

Below you can see its launch box with normal search and web search.

search for applications or start web search

You can’t use it to search folders and files (like audio, video, text files, etc.) stored on hard drives, which is present in many application launchers (this software can help you for that). But this free application launcher is worth trying as it provides lighting fast results and also doesn’t put any burden on CPU.

Using This Free Application Launcher:

Use this link to grab its zip file and execute the portable application. After this, it will start running silently in the system tray. Clicking on its system tray will open its tiny launch box. Using that launch box, you can start the instant search to launch a particular application or access a bookmark file.

start a normal search using its launch box

Start Web Search Using This Application Launcher:

If you want to search for a particular content using a specific search engine or need to search a term on Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, etc., you can type ‘search‘ in the launch box. After this, it will show suggestions: WebSearch Google, Yahoo, Bing, IMDB, WebSearch YouTube, Wikipedia etc.

start Web Search

Select a particular suggestion, press Space key and then you can type your query. Press enter and it will search for that particular term in the specified item by opening the result in default web browser.

web search activated

Use This Free Application Launcher To Evaluate Mathematical Expression:

In case you want to solve a particular Math expression, you can type the expression in launch box. After this, press enter and it will show you the answer.

solve a Math expression

However, don’t expect to solve other complex Algebra or graphical equations, which of course is not a part or feature of this software. Other tools, like Alternate Math Solver and Xfunc, are already there to solve Math equations.

Apart from these special features, this application launcher also lets you configure the application. That means you can exclude/include bookmarks, Start Menu, or other items in the search suggestions. However, customizing the configuration is not so easy. You need to add changes to a script and then replace the original script with the new script. Right-click on the system tray of this software to access Configure Application option, which opens the script and edit it.

edit script for customizing the configuration

If you have no or just a little idea how to add changes to the script, then keep the default script only.


Keypirinha is a very good application launcher because of its instant search and accurate search suggestions. Its unique features (solve a Math expression and start web search) have made it more valuable. It deserves a try for sure.

Get this software.

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