Set Hotkey For Text, Paste Preset Text To Application, Launch Programs

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QuickTextPaste is a free program for Windows that lets you paste preset text to applications like MS-Word, WordPad, Notepad etc. You can set hotkey for text and can paste that particular text using that hotkey. It is quite useful if you have some words, lines or paragraphs that you need to use frequently in a day. It will save your precious time as you wont need to write a specific text again and again. Not only you can paste predefined text to applications, infact you can run installed applications using hotkey set by you. Hence, it also works as application launcher software.

Other than these features, you can also use it to open your favorite folders, images, executable programs, and even desktop shortcuts. In simple means, you can create shortcut for programs, applications, and predefined text.

Below screenshot shows main interface of QuickTextPaste where all working is to be done.

QuickTextPaste- interface 00 set hotkey for text

Set Hotkey For Text, Folders, and Programs To Quickly Use Them:

As you could see in above screenshot, there is an Add text option available on its main interface where you can write any desired text (max. 4000 characters) and a Menu-Text (you can say title) of that text which will appear while pasting the text to an application.

So write any text, give a Menu-Text, and select any desired hotkey for it. After this, hit the Add button and it will be added to use. Now while working on any application, you need to press the same hotkey which you have set for particular text. This action will open a pop up like it is visible in below screenshot:

QuickTextPaste- paste text using hotkey

On this pop up, go to the Menu-Text for that particular text and click on it. It will immediately paste that predefined text on that application.

Other than this, as mentioned above, you can use this program as an application launcher. So if you want to quickly open an item using a hotkey. Then simply provide the path of that item starting with “run:” in Add text option. For example, if you want to open a folder available on your desktop with a hotkey, then write- run:”C:Users\Window\Desktop\Folder name” and set a hotkey for it. Now, whenever you will use that hotkey, the same pop up will open in front of you and you can access that folder.

QuickTextPaste- open an item with hotkey

Note: If you want to open an added item directly (without using pop up window), then at the time of adding that item, write “Explorer WinDir” in Menu-Text and then add it.

Key Features Present In QuickTextPaste are Present Below:

  • It helps to quickly paste frequently used text to any Windows application. Thus, you won’t need to write text again and again. Simply set a hotkey for text and use it.
  • You can also use it as an application launcher as it is able to run applications with hotkeys.
  • Open folders and favorite images directly using hotkey set by you.
  • It is one of the lightweight program and its zip file is only 37.5 kb.
  • It’s a portable program, hence you don’t need to install it.
  • Anyone can use it completely free.

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QuickTextPaste is helpful to quickly paste text which you need to write multiple times in a day. But unlike its name, it is also able to launch applications, programs, desktop shortcuts, images, and even folders. Thus it’s a multipurpose program using which you can quickly run applications and can paste text to applications. Try this program yourself, download it free using the link present below:

Get QuickTextPaste free.

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