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Story Wars is a pretty interesting free website to write stories together. Simple and fun to use, Story Wars allows you to start writing a story, which others can then add to. Conversely, you can also add your input to the stories started by other users. When you add a chapter to a story, other members vote on it before it gets added to the ongoing story. You can also invite your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to contribute to the stories started by you. The stories written on Story Wars are divided into different chapters, and every single continuous input constitutes a chapter. Writing stories also gives you some virtual points, which means that the more you write, the more points you get. You can contribute to the stories still being written, as well as read those that have been finished. You can even share them on popular social networks. Getting excited already to be the author you always wanted to be? Let’s not waste more time, and find out more about Story Wars.

story wars in action

How to use Story Wars to write stories together?

Using Story Wars to start writing a story (or edit an already ongoing one) is fairly easy. However, as boring as it might seem, you still need to create a free account before you can do so. Account creation is simple. All you have to do is enter an email and a password, and you’re all set. Here’s how Story Wars’ main UI/profile view looks like, once you’re logged in:

story wars ui

As evinced by the above screenshot, Story Wars has a super simple and easy to navigate user interface. The header consists of links to create a new story, as well as access your profile settings. Apart from that, the UI just consists of two horizontal sub-sections. The top section lists the most popular stories (along with their total points) and direct links to write the next chapter due for them. The bottom section contains a listing of the best authors on the website, ranked according to the total number of points they have (also displayed against their names and avatars).

Anyways, now that you know your way around Story Wars, it’s time to start writing your first awesome story. The following step by step tutorial should get you started in real time:

Step 1: Hit the New Story link on the right side of the header. Once you do that, the ultra minimal story editor should come up. Check out the screenshot below:

story editor

As seen above, the Story Editor itself is as simple as it can get. There are no custom fonts, justification options or anything like that. All you get is a title section, and a big blank space to write your story on. All you have to do is relax, and start jotting down your musings. Once you’re done, simply hit the Create Story button, and the content you’ve written will be saved as the first chapter of your story. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Step 2: As soon as you hit the Create Story button, the first chapter of your story will be immediately published in a nice and easy to read format. From here on, you can directly click on the social sharing icons to challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter to write the next chapter of the story (They’ll need a Story Wars account for that too). If you want, you can directly start typing away the next chapter below the previous one yourself. Obviously, other members will have to vote and decide on it before it gets added as a chapter. Here’s a screenshot:

continue and challenge

The procedure to make your contribution to already ongoing stories started by other authors is essentially the same as above. All you have to do is find the story that you want to add your thoughts to, and start typing away. It’s that simple!

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Story Wars is an incredible free website to write stories together. It’s super simple to use, and works great. The fact that you can just start typing away your stories, and easily add your contributions to the ongoing creations is great. Do give it a try, and start writing something great (or start adding to something great and make it even better).

Try Story Wars Here.

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