Online Personal Trainer to Build Muscles and Maintain Fitness

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Here is a free website, named MuscleWiki, that helps you build muscles and maintain fitness in a simplified way. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to exercise and eat as much as you want and sleep for hours, no. You have to workout to earn your fitness and build muscles.

This website helps you to achieve this task by following simple workout videos and instructions available for each individual workout. By watching workout videos and reading the instructions, it becomes very easy to do a particular exercise properly or the way an exercise should be done.

This website first lets you select a body part and then provides workout videos and instructions for that body part. There are very small videos (in the form of animated GIFs), so it also won’t consume much of your Internet data. You can also save any video to PC as animated GIF by right-clicking and selecting Save video as… option.

MuscleWiki- website to explore workout videos and instructions

Above recording shows workout videos and instructions for Abs.

If you have a busy schedule, you can try some websites that provide 7 minutes workout to keep yourself fit and active.

Using This Free Online Personal Trainer To Build Muscles and Gain Fitness:

This website is really simple to use. All you have to do is open its webpage and select a body part (thigh, back, or anything else) using the available figures. You can also take help of search box, but it might not provide proper results. So, it would be better to use the figures.

select a body part

After selecting a body part, it will open a page on the same tab and explore all the exercises (with their names), videos as GIFs, and instructions.

check workout videos and instructions

You can follow the video (access video location) and instructions related to a particular exercise and try to do that exercise.

In a similar way, you can select any other body part and check workout videos and instructions.


MuscleWiki is surely good to check how you should do an exercise in a proper way. There are many other fitness training websites also available, but MuscleWiki is simpler and provides to the point information.

Try this website.

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