How to Order Free Covid Tests from Home in United States

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free official US government website. Using it, you can order free COVID-19 test kits at home. One household can order up to 4 tests per month.

Now get yourself tested at home without paying anything for the tests. This US government initiative provides free COVID-19 test kits to US households directly at their home. You can order your test kits from the government’s official website. And kits will reach you in seven to 12 days. People can also contact the government’s official contact number, available on the website, to order their COVID-19 test kits.

How to get your COVID-19 test kit at home:

Visit the official website, to order your at-home test kits. The ordering will begin on Wednesday, January 19. Right now, the website looks like this: home

You can order free COVID-19 test kits using this official government website, The US government has made an announcement that every US household can order up to 4 tests per month at their home. The service will start on Wednesday, January 19. The test kit will reach your address in 7 to 12 days. People can go to the website to order the kits. And for the people who don’t use the internet much, the government has decided to add a separate number, where people can contact and order their kits.

Now people can test themselves with COVID-19 easily at their homes. These test kits are very fast in returning results within an hour. As they look for antigens or proteins of the coronavirus. The usual PCR tests can take up to 3 days to return with results. But some of these kits can give you results even in minutes. Testing at home is a good idea to contain the virus to some extent. You can test yourself at home and if the result is positive, you can follow the guidelines of WHO, so that you can save yourself and others as well.

The government of the United States has announced that private insurance companies will cover the cost of test kits purchased by US citizens. The insurer will set up a network of pharmacy stores where people can buy COVID-19 test kits for free. Or, the person can also buy test kits from pharmacy stores out of the network of their insurer, and the amount paid on the kits will be reimbursed by the Health Care provider. A person can buy as many as 8 kits per month, which will be reimbursed in the future.

Conclusion: is a nice initiative by the government of the United States. There can be places where the COVID-19 test kits stock out as soon as they come. Or due to any other reason, people might be unable to get COVID-19 test kits. But now the government of US has come up with a website where people can order test kits, and they’ll be delivered directly at home. A household will get 4 test kits per month via this website. There is also a contact number given for those people who don’t use internet much. Free test kits can be ordered using this contact number.

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