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Our computers help us to do a whole lot of things these days. Some of these things are work related (class assignments, project reports etc.), while others are purely fun (e.g watching movies, games). That being said, quite a few things that we use our computers for, require writing of some type or the other. These include everything from emails to blog-posts (like the one you’re reading). And more often than not, we have to find synonyms for the words that are going to be used in creating textual content.

If you can relate with the above, Synomin is something you’ll really love. It’s a simple web-based service that lets you find synonyms for words, based on the word length. It can find multiple types of words, such as nouns and adjectives. Psyched? Let’s see how you can use Synomin to find synonyms by word length.


How To Use Synomin To Find Synonyms By Word Length?

Getting started with Synomin is extremely easy. The online service doesn’t require any account signup, email confirmation, or anything like that. All you have to do is head over to the website, and start finding the synonyms for the words. In any case, check out the following explanatory walk-through, more than sufficient to get you through the finish line:

Step 1: Head over to Synomin’s homepage, and you’ll see just about nothing, except for a search bar with a blinking cursor. This is where you have to type in the word(s) whose length based synonyms you want to find.

synomin homepage

Step 2: Simply type in the word whose synonyms are to be found, and hit Enter. As you do that, Synomin will near instantly generate a listing of synonyms, sorted in increasing order of word length. You can toggle the buttons at the left of the search results to check out both the nouns and adjectives found. Heck, Synomin even displays a dotted vertical line across the search results, which lets you instantly compare the length of the synonyms with the original word. Check out the screen grab:

synomin search results

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Wrap Up

Synomin is a simple, fun, and useful web based service that lets you length based synonyms for words in mere seconds. So whether you’re looking for the shortest synonym, or the longest one, Synomin is your friend. Take it for a spin, and let me know your thoughts about Synomin.

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