5 Websites To Find World Travel Destinations

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Here is a list of 5 websites to find World travel destinations for free. Just visit these websites to get a preview of places around the World and start traveling.

Is traveling one of your passions? Are you planning on going around the World for visiting some good places? Want to make your searching process for World travel destinations easy, then go through one of these websites or all of them and choose your destinations. These websites can help you in searching for beautiful tourist locations around the World. What are you waiting for, just start packing.

Travellers Choice:

travellers choice

Travelers Choice is a section in Tripadvisor.com in which you can look out for travelers choice destinations. Choose your destinations from various categories to start traveling to the famous World travel destinations.

In travelers choice it shows the best places chosen by travelers. It has various categories like Hotels, Hotels for romance, Hotels for families, Destinations, Beach destinations, Wine destinations, Destinations on the rise, and Restaurants. Choose any of these categories to see a list of places which are picked out by travelers. When you enter a category then you can see the best list and also choose from various countries and continents list.

Click here to visit Travelers Choice.

National Geographic:

national geographic travel

National Geographic has a separate section for traveling. Who can offer World’s best destination other than National Geographic Channel guys?

National Geographic itself is a brand and what’s more appealing than it offering a list of destinations and photos of the places in the World. It has various categories like: Top 10, Destinations A-Z, Trip ideas, Travel blogs, Travel magazine, Photos, Videos, Our trips, and newsletters. Check the top 10 destinations or destinations A-Z to search for particular traveling destinations. Just explore which place you like and start traveling.

Click here to visit National Geographic.

Lonely Planet:

lonely planet

Lonely Planet website offers a list of destinations on the planet. Choose your location or search for it and check out the beautiful places near that location.

Lonely Planet destinations has a map and also list of countries A-Z to search for. It also has a search option to search for locations. Click on a location or search for it and see the destinations photos and description. There you can see things to do, make things happen, and top picks. Using this website you can find hotels and flights also. Click on map option to expand the world map and check the list of destinations marked on it. Click on them to navigate to that location.

Click here to visit Lonely Planet.

Travel Blog:

Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

travel blog

In Travel Blog you can see places to go, things to do, travel advice, and exclusive destinations.

In this travel Blog, you can read wonderful experiences of the persons who traveled places. In places to go you can see continents and top travel destinations. In things to do you can search for adventures, bike tours, bus tours, foodie, etc. In trip advice and inspiration art & museums, beach and water adventures and much more to read wonderful blog entries. Visit this blog to explore the places and travelers experiences.

Vantage World Travel:

vantage travel website

Vantage World Travel is a website in which you can search for World travel destinations. You can search for all the countries and special offers to travel using this website.

As soon as you open the website you will see various categories and a small description on traveling. You can also see site map, all countries, and special offers. Click on special offers to see all the special offers to travel that this website is offering. The website has several categories of traveling; to search according to your choice. The categories are: Cruise Expeditions, Adventure Expeditions, Escorted Journeys, Independent Journeys, World Destinations, and Special Celebrations. When you click on any of the categories you will be shown a brief description of the trip category and beneath the explanation you will see a list of continents; where those trips are available. You can also find sub categories of the trip categories just below the categories section when you click on them. So, using this website you can select the kind of trip you want to go and the list of good destinations in those categories.

Click here to visit Vantage World Travel.

Use any of these websites to explore the beautiful destinations on Earth. Plan and make a list of places you want to visit using these websites and start traveling to your favorite destinations.

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