Change Eye Color in Photos Using Eye Colorizer for iPhone

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Eye Colorizer is a free iPhone app to change the color of eyes in pictures. You can choose any picture of yours or even your friends and then change the eye color to see how you look. The app has a very simple interface to work on.

Once you install the app the interface you see (as shown in screenshot below) gives you three options: take picture, import photo and use model. The options are pretty self explanatory. You can choose anyone to start editing the eye color. We decided to go with import photo option.

eye colorizer home

After importing photo you’ll see the screen as shown below. You see two blue circles, these you need to position on the eyes in the photo. Move them exactly over the eye balls to get the best results. For getting a good positioning you can enlarge the photo and zoom on the eyes part. At the bottom of the screen you will find icons to move the position circles around as well. Once done click the next button on top right of the screen.

eye colorizer eye position

Now on this screen choose the eye radius color and reflection in the eyes. The reflection in the eyes has options to change as well. The last option marked with a black circle is the actual eye color. Lots of colors to choose from. You can go ahead and try out the ones which look appealing to you. After trying a couple, you can decide the one which suits your face the best. Click on the next button after choosing.

eye colorizer eye color

Now you have the option to share this photo with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or you can save to your phone, email it, take a print out. You would see a splash of colors icon on the top left hand side of the image. When you click on this option, the entire photo will become black and white with only the eyes highlighted in color. Which looks pretty cool.

eye colorizer final

The app supports ads, but they are not very annoying as they do not appear on each screen or page of the app. If you do not like the final outcome then you can choose the add more eyes button to change the eye color. If you want to start over with a new photo, then you can choose the restart button at the top of the screen.

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Eye Colorizer is a pretty cool app, which allows you to just change the eye color of anyone in a photo. So you can experiment and see how you would look if you had different eye color.

You can install Eye Colorizer from iTunes store by clicking here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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