How to See DNS History

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In this post, I will talk about some free online websites to see DNS history. On these websites, you can query any domain for its DNS history and see the data. You can specify almost any domain name on these websites and they will show you name server historical data according to various dates. You can see the IP address of the websites during each date and analyze how many times the IP of the websites has changed. If you want to know any previous name server that was assigned to your website, these websites will come in handy. All they ask is to input the domain name of the target website. And they will show you the DNS history. However, in any of these websites, you cannot export the DNS history data to a file.

There can be situations where you need an IP address that was assigned to you websites earlier. This can’t be done easily that is why the following DNS history viewer websites come in handy. They contain the DNS history of almost all the domains which have registered by their owners. And you just have to search them in these websites to see the corresponding name server history.

How to See DNS History

How to See DNS History?

Security Trials

Security Trials free dns history

Security Trials is one of the best websites to see name server history in more details. This is a powerful website which has 3.4 trillion historical DNS lookups, 3 Billion historical whois records, 418 million total host names tracked. And that is why this is the most powerful websites in this list to see the DNS history of any domain which is valid. It shows the result in a tabular form and you can analyze that. Though you can use it without creating an account. If you sign up, then in the free plan, it offers you 30 lookups per month. And to see the DNS history of a domain, you just have to eject its IP address or domain name.

Using this websites to see name server history is very simple. Just reach this websites using the link above and then you can start using this website to see the DNS history. On its interface, simply enter the domain name of the target website. Submit the query and it will start collecting data for you results. In 2-3 seconds, you will see the DNS history details that you can analyze. In the result, it mainly shows IP address, last seen, first seen, and duration seen. You can see the screenshot above.

DNSHistory by dnshistory org is another free websites in my list that you use to see DNS or name server history of any domain. It creates a simple report about the historical name servers and you can analyze the data it produces. It generates the historical data according to the year and shows that on its interface. You can analyze the various DNS history records that it shows. Also, the history records that it shows are in group. It creates DNS history groups like MX, SOA, NS, A, etc. You can select any group and see the corresponding historical data. However, you will not be able to export that or download that.

Go to the homepage of the websites and then from its right side, enter the target domain name whose DNS history you want to query. After that, wait for a couple of seconds to see the historical DNS data this websites has to show. It returns the DNS history in groups and you can open any group to see the corresponding DNS histories. Also, you will notice that it organizes the DNS history according to the dates, thus making it easier to look for a particular name server history.

Complete DNS

Complete DNS name server history

Complete DNS is yet another free website to see DNS history of any domain. It creates the DNS history report according to the years and you can analyze the historical data that it produces. And before starting the report, it adds the overall status of the name server of the websites since it was registered. In the DNS history, you can see the different name servers that were assigned to your websites along with depreciated ones along with their domain name. You can analyze the whole historical report that it generates and do whatever you want. In the free plan, this website allows you to see 100 name servers history report. However, you can’t export the data that it shows.

Getting started with this website is like any other website in this list. Just reach its homepage and then enter the domain of the target website whose DNS history you want to see. After that, you can see that it shows the DNS history over the time since the target website was created. You can analyze the result that it produces and see what are the times when the DNS for the websites was changed.

Final words

These are the best free websites to see DNS history for a domain. You can use any websites in this list and see the name servers history. In my opinion, then websites to see name servers history is Security Trials. You can use other sites as well if you want simple historical data.

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