3 Best Free Magnet to Torrent File Converter Websites

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This is the list of 3 best free magnet to torrent file converter websites. These website take a magnet link that you can copy from any torrent website and it will give you the corresponding torrent file. After getting the Torrent file, you can save it on your PC or do whatever you want. All of these websites give you the direct link of the torrent file. But, they use different services to get you that.

Some torrent websites don’t really give the .torrent file to download a movie or software from Torrents network. And if you want to keep the torrent file for later use, then it’s a good idea to convert its magnet link to a Torrent file. And these websites that I will list here can do that in blink of an eye. Just submit the magnet URL and get the corresponding Torrent file. These websites use different web torrent sites to convert your magnet URL.

Free Magnet to Torrent File Converter Websites

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Free Magnet to Torrent File Converter Websites:

Magnet2Torrent by Seedbox.me

magnet2torrent me seedbox

magenet2torrent is a free website by Seedbox.me which can convert a magnet link to torrent file. With the help of this website you can easily get a Torrent file by just submitting a magnet URL. The website has a fairly simple interface where you can enter or copy paste magnet link of the torrent you want to download. After getting magnet link from your end, the website processes that. And after processing it returns the direct link of the corresponding Torrent file. You can keep the torrent file and you may use it later.

magenet2torrent website is amazing one and can get you the torrent file from a magnet link. Also, the website not only lets you download a torrent file, but it also lets you edit the torrent file by redirecting you to another website. So, you can easily edit the torrent file and add some additional information in it like more seeders, trackers, etc.

Magnet 2 Torrent Online

magnet 2 torrent online in action

Magnet 2 Torrent Online is another free magnet link converter. This is faster and doesn’t make you wait so much in order to get the final torrent file. It has a very simple interface consisting of only a text box. Just put the magnet link of the file you want to download from torrents network and it will convert that for you. It is only focused on converting a magnet link to torrent file. Nothing else is there on this website apart from just a few terms and condition statements.

Converting magnet links to torrent files with the help of Magnet 2 Torrent Online website is extremely simple. After getting to the homepage of this website you will see a wide text box where you have to copy paste the magnet URL. As you paste the Magnet URL in the box, it will immediately start processing it. And after a few seconds it will show you the direct link to download the converted file as .torrent file. After getting the torrent file, do whatever you want.

Magnet2Torrent by Calpe Consulting

magnet 2 torrent

Torrent2Magnet by Calpe Consulting is another very good magnet to torrent file converter. The user interface of this website is similar to the above but it uses a different torrent cache website to fetch the correct file using the specified magnet URL. Although, the website works as it supposed to be. But the torrent site that it uses to fetch your files is “http://itorrents.org“. This website may be blocked in your region, so in that case you need to have a VPN installed on your PC. If you are using Firefox browser, then you can use a free VPN add on known as Browsec.

Using Magnet2Torrent website to convert a magnet link is very much similar to what I have shown for the above two websites. Just open its webpage in your browser and in the text box that appears on its interface paste the magnet link. As you paste the magnet link, it will automatically fetch the corresponding torrent file for you. It will show the direct link to download that file on its interface. You can then download the torrent file and save it.

Final Thoughts

These are some very good websites for magnet to torrent file conversion. Using any of these websites you can carry out magnet link conversion to a torrent file in a few seconds. If you are looking for some decent magnet to torrent file converter websites, then this article will help you. Out of all the websites I have mentioned, they do the same work. But still, I really like Magnet 2 Torrent Online and Magnet2Torrent by Seedbox.me to be the best ones to this job. Also, if torrents are not blocked in your country, then you can also go with Magnet2Torrent by Calpe Consulting.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 5 Average: 3.8]

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